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  1. DCYL725

    Cost of 12v battery replacement

    Want to check with everyone here. Porsche China is quoting 1500 usd for a 12v battery replacement. They are saying Taycan 12v battery is lithium based and different from traditional lead based batteries. This price sounds high, by at least 3x. Can anyone cross reference thee price in their...
  2. DCYL725

    Modded Taycan Electric Sports Sound by Heinz Performance

    pretty cool stuff, wish the video was longer and with more details.
  3. DCYL725

    Inadvertent long-term storage; Pre-Condition Taycan Climate to Juice 12V?

    Hi guys, So, currently in China's zero-covid zone. The car's in the basement parking area and can't get to it, expecting another two weeks, so that's a full month of not driving. Stupidly, unknowingly, I checked the App several times a day just to see how the car is doing given we just drove...
  4. DCYL725

    E-Parking Brake Inactive on Porsche Connect App

    Does anyone know why my Porsche Connect App is showing the E-parking brake is inactive? I do remember activating the parking brake before locking and it was active a few hours ago. Now it is showing inactive. Does it turn to inactive after some time?
  5. DCYL725

    Porsche Sales Rep - Sleight of Hand

    Hi guys, Want some advice and views here. My wife and I picked up our Taycan. We were asked to bring our stamps (in where we live, stamps are used as opposed to signatures) and the sales went on to stamp the remaining "pick up car" documents. One of the documents was Customer Service...
  6. DCYL725

    Should I Test Drive a Taycan RWD.

    Hey electric porkers, Doing a quick poll on whether to test drive the car that's already paid in full before estimated pickup in 1-2 weeks' time. A little context: I did not hold a Chinese driver's license so during the time of choosing a vehicle, I was not able to actually test drive any...
  7. DCYL725

    Volcanic Grey w/ Light interior vs. Gentian Blue w/Dark interior

    Hi everyone! FIrst-time poster and soon-to-be Taycan owner. Debating hard between a: 1. Volcanic grey w/ Chalk Crayon Interior, black trim, Mission E 2. Gentian Blue w/ standard partial black interior, black trim, Mission E. Both are dealership stock cars. My perfect pick would be...
  8. DCYL725

    `Night Time Ambient Lighting in Chalk Crayon Interiors

    Hi everyone! FIrst-time poster and soon-to-be Taycan owner. I have not seen a light-colored interior at nighttime with ambient lighting on, curious if anyone could share any pics? Does the light interior takeaway from the ambient lighting?