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  1. HelfFL

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    Yes, got all 4 tires replaced. I was shocked to get to 20K miles on the tires (although I probably should have replaced them at 15K). My 911 had me replacing tires every 10K miles. I also have the 21" Mission E Wheels. Tires are Continental ProContact RX. Front tires are 265/35R 21 and cost...
  2. HelfFL

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    For those of you coming up to your 20,000 mile service, I just had mine completed on my MY20 Taycan Turbo (purchased May 2020), in addition to the WNA5 and AMC1 updates, as well as new tires. Below is the printout for the entries related just to the 20K service so you can see what's involved for...
  3. HelfFL

    Installed puddle lights “Taycan”

    My lights just came in too but my car is at the dealer getting the latest software update and new tires. Glad to have the instructions for when I get the car back. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope I find it as easy as you did.
  4. HelfFL

    At Home Outdoor Charger?

    Chargepoint HCS-50, 40A. They also make a pedestal if you need mounting point.
  5. HelfFL

    Side Skirts -- worth it?

    I have them on my Jet Black Metallic Taycan and am happy I got them. Even though you don't get the contrasting color, the shape is slightly wider so does give a little more aggressive look overall. Worth $1k? Probably not, but I would still buy them again if I was ordering.
  6. HelfFL

    Sirius XM Artist and Track info

    I have a May 2020 Turbo and originally Sirius did display the artist and track info. Unfortunately, after the big AMB5 software update, it stopped displaying. Since I primarily listen to Sirius in the car, this was a major loss for me. It is not practical to have to keep switching over to the...
  7. HelfFL

    Your other electric vehicle

    I, too, have a reservation for a Cybertruck, but my household currently has 2 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. Other than some of the workmanship that has been reported and complained of, we are very happy with both the cars and the service we have received when needed.
  8. HelfFL

    Wheel & Tire Protection Plan

    Unfortunately, I didn't purchase the plan and I just scraped my front, passenger Mission E wheel after 16,000 miles and 18 months of ownership :headbang:. I had been so careful and blew it. I am in denial so haven't brought in for an estimate yet to get repaired.
  9. HelfFL

    Carmine red with black door handles?

    +1 for the black handles
  10. HelfFL

    Poll: With or without Taycan badge?

    I ordered without the electric badge but added it after (from Suncoast Parts). I went with glossy black logo for my Jet Black Metallic car. So it is a subtle but nice addition.
  11. HelfFL

    Front lip spoiler material (Lowered Taycan)

    Auto Mods in Sarasota, FL have a skid plate they developed -->
  12. HelfFL

    4s vs Turbo

    I had the same experience. I have a Turbo and got a 4S for a loaner once. There was a noticeable difference in power to me as well. But I also agree with Todd that if you start with a 4S and don't drive a Turbo, you'll probably be satisfied with the 4S.
  13. HelfFL

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    MY20 Turbo w/ Mission E Wheels. South Florida - use as daily driver for 15 min commute each way.
  14. HelfFL

    iPhone 13/iOS 15.0.1-Taycan: "Who dis?"

    Yes. I had same issue. I removed the device from the PCM and then added it back but with the phone plugged in. After new phone was added as a device and connected to CarPlay as a wired connection, the next time I tried it wirelessly it worked.
  15. HelfFL

    Glacier blue Porsche logo lights up?

    Here are my before and after pics - MY20 Taycan Turbo - Jet Black Metallic
  16. HelfFL

    Best 3rd Party Level 2 Charger

    +1 Clipper Creek. I have the Clipper Creek HCS-50 installed outside for charging Taycan and Model 3 (with adapter that came with Tesla) in the driveway. I also have a PMCC installed inside my garage.
  17. HelfFL

    Automatic locking feature?

    I can confirm similar phenomenon. My MY20 Turbo definitely does NOT lock automatically after exiting car. But, if my car is locked and I subsequently walk near the car with the fob, the Comfort Access will open mirrors and door handles. BUT, if I don't physically open the door, the car will...
  18. HelfFL

    Glacier blue Porsche logo lights up?

    Unfortunately, It does not light up. I actually just switched my original clear rear lights to the glacier blue (totally needless money spend). But I'm so happy I did it. I was disappointed when they were part of the original Mission E and then not included with production vehicles. Also...