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  1. andix

    User Profile can not be selected, always "Guest" now?

    After charging at a HPC, i couldn't select my user profile anymore–it was greyed out. Could only chose "Guest". After playing a while, I reset the PCM to factory settings. Now I cannot create a new profile anymore. Car always starts up asking for language. In the connect app, both app + Tycan...
  2. andix

    Charging 12V Battery – Possible?

    I have an old car battery charger that works extremely well in winter times with my ICE cars (that I don't use too often); Any experience–can I use the charger (CTEK) to charge the Taycan's 12V battery, too?
  3. andix

    Taycan Turbo S is 5x faster than Tesla Model S P100D – latest track test