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  1. Cross Turismo 4S ... my thoughts after 1000 km

    I took delivery of my new MY22 CT4S on october 22nd. The car is just incredible and so fast that I can't imagine what the TT and TTS feel like. I come from a Macan Turbo that feels so outdated and slow in comparison. This car is definetely worth the wait ! ... except that it broke down on me...
  2. Anyone else with this issue ? Car would not charge at all at different stations

    I took delivery of a CT4S 3 weeks ago and it’s been in the shop for a week already. The car would not charge at all at different stations - had to call a tow truck on the way back from my very first trip. The dealer could not get it charged either and had to order some parts for replacement...
  3. Wax or ceramic coating for Dolomite Silver ?

    I know that there are many topics on ceramic and PPF but i can’t seem to get an answer to my question. I’m trying to make Dolomite silver a warmer color which probably rules out ceramic coating as it gives it a very cold/glassy aspect. Am i wrong ? i had ceramic on a agate grey Macan but it...
  4. Strange noise

    I’ve had the CT4s since friday and today i noted a strange electric noise when opening the car before turning it ON. It lasts 10 seconds then goes away. Seems like it does it when the car hasn’t been used for an hour or more. It did it twice today. Should i be concerned ?
  5. Collection MY22 CT4S Dolomite this friday !

    Just got a call from my dealer. The CT is on its way and should arrive this thursday. No idea if anything is missing so far... so stoked ! Ordered September 7th Produced October 8th Delivery October 22nd (expected) For recall, I had placed a MY21 order in March (same car same specs) but it...
  6. Thule racks now available for Cross Turismo with rails

    The cross turismo is now referenced in Thule's rack catalog... for those who were asking. The thule 9585B in black have a much lower profile ... they don't look anything like Porsche's roof bars. Yet I'm not sure which I Iike most. You ?
  7. Anyone received a MY22 yet ?

    I’m curious to know how the PCM 6.0 has improved ?
  8. Taycan sound at low speeds

    Hi Waiting for a CT4S, I wonder how taycans sound at low speeds (sport sound off). Is it really quiet or is there some kind of strange noise as in many other EV brands and models ? I imagine there is some sort of noise to alert pedestrians. If you have links to videos that would be great.
  9. Side mirrors folded with 360 view camera

    Hi I should soon receive my CT4S and i'm apprehending parking in my tight home garage. Do you know if the 360 or 3D view we get from cameras remain activated when side mirrors are folded ? Thanks in adavance
  10. PCM 6.0 upgrade for Taycan MY21

    Anyone knows what PCM version Taycans have today and if MY21 Taycans will benefit from a full or partial PCM 6.0 upgrade, which is supposed to arrive soon?
  11. Porsche plant summer shutdown 2021

    Does anyone know what are the dates and duration of the plant's summer shutdown ? whole month of august ? first/last two weeks of august ? My car has been stuck in production due to missing parts and chips since july 16th, and as my dealer is unable to give me a new delivery date (intial date...
  12. Cross Turismo at dealership ?

    When do you think we will get to see CT arrive at dealerships ? I know my local rep is expecting its first delivery in june (mine in July). Anybody in May ? I'm impatient to see new pics/videos with different colors... especially in volcano grey and dolomite silver.
  13. Thule bars compatibility with Cross Turismo

    Hi Does anyone know if we will be able to put thule bars on the Cross Turismo rails ? Will that come later ? Thule Aero bars are so much better than Porsche's
  14. Help with Cross Turismo 4S specifications

    Hi I need to confirm my 4S CT order today. Could you tell me if I missed anything important ? I just rulled out Burmeister, hoping Bose has improved over the years.... Thanks in advance for you advice