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  1. RingoDingo

    Lotus Eletre

    Put me in this camp. Ever since I’ve gone electric I’ve become unimpressed by ICE cars, by and large. I’ll still turn my head for a Boxster Spyder or a GT3, but I just spent an hour last night watching a guy on YouTube break down a 911 Turbo engine, and all I thought was what a complicated and...
  2. RingoDingo

    How to tell when you are spending too much time on this forum...

    How does your Taycan compare to owning the i8? I thought they looked so cool when they came out, but I don't know that they've aged terribly well.
  3. RingoDingo

    Why the new PCM sucks

    Why not just give people the option... color or monochrome. It's like a handful of lines of code, I'd bet.
  4. RingoDingo

    My Porsche App 4.0 is out for iPhone

    I did as instructed above - clicked on the Porsche logo in the App Store rather than click the "open" button... and it worked for me. Tire pressure is under Details. Thanks!
  5. RingoDingo

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Someone from Liverpool. I didn't know either, but my neighbor is a scouser. They practically speak a different language from the rest of England.
  6. RingoDingo

    Removing rear seat headrests

    You need to fold the seats forward in order to create enough distance to pull them up (otherwise they can’t clear the rear glass). Then you press the little tabs on both sides and lift up slowly.
  7. RingoDingo

    The Brabus take on the Taycan Turbo S

    With price of Bitcoin cut in half, it’s going to be a tough year for Brabus.
  8. RingoDingo

    Interesting way to display your front license plate in CA - using wrap

    On my tombstone I want it to read "Never had a front plate."
  9. RingoDingo

    4 vs 4s rolling acceleration times

    I've found it quite the welcoming community, even coming from a Tesla, but there is a bias against those cross-shopping a Tesla (or even making comparisons) because it is such a unique offering. Either you value the superior handling and build quality and beauty of the car and the overall...
  10. RingoDingo

    Taking the watermelon spec to the next level

    I've located the inspiration...
  11. RingoDingo

    Taycan - Worth the Wait?

    I waited 6 months, taking smelly Ubers and Lyfts every day. Totally worth it.
  12. RingoDingo

    PTS Paint to Sample Taycans in Rubystone Red and Mint Green

    Probably just a cash grab. The exclusivity people will pay for and the price keeps it exclusive.
  13. RingoDingo

    PTS Paint to Sample Taycans in Rubystone Red and Mint Green

    I agree with this. As much as I love the color, I think I'd want to put it on a Spyder or 911 Turbo S before getting it on a Taycan. There's something very old school 911 about it, which to me contrasts too much with the super-modernity of the Taycan.
  14. RingoDingo

    Leather quality

    I suspect you’ve found the culprit.
  15. RingoDingo

    Leather quality

    Is it wear or a build up of oil/dirt? Have you tried cleaning it with leather cleaner? Even the cleanest of hands will emit some oils, etc over time.
  16. RingoDingo

    4S to Turbo - is it worth it?

    Count me in this category, selfishly. The 4S properly optioned was at the very high end of acceptable range for me as I'm in my mid-40s, have 3 kids headed to college someday and want to retire while I still have some useful days ahead of me. I had a Model 3 performance before this and that...
  17. RingoDingo

    Cross Turismo Resale

    Why did you agree to this?
  18. RingoDingo

    Integrated Apple Music vs CarPlay

    Must be. I use CarPlay exclusively and the ambient lighting changes to match the color of the cover art of the album being played.
  19. RingoDingo

    The New 7 Series BMW

    Bangle Butts were ugly then and then remain even moreso now. Hideous looking cars.
  20. RingoDingo

    Saw 2 Taycans on the road for the first time yesterday.

    One of the best things about living in Texas is the (mostly) generous parking spaces. With all the heavy duty pick-ups and giant sized SUVs we have here, it’s a necessity. Unfortunately those trucks still have giant doors, so not entirely immune from door dings.