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  1. fgwinn

    Wacky window in left rear door

    Six months ago the driver's door window was misbehaving. Instead of retracting one cm when opening the door and returning to full up upon closing the door it would keep opening an additional one cm every time the door was opened. Yesterday the driver side rear door window is driving me crazy...
  2. fgwinn

    Timer seems to be confused by transition to DST

    Timer was configured with target SoC of 85% at 6:30 am. I checked the charging status at 7:11 am and SoC was 83% with Departure at 7:30 AM. At 7:11 the active Timer was still configured to 85% at 6:30 am. I will check again the next time I charge to determine if the one hour departure time...
  3. fgwinn

    Fuse assignment for fuses in frunk?

    Can anyone direct me to any information on the frunk fuse block that is beneath the plastic panel just behind the storage compartment? I do not believe this fuse block is discussed in the owner's manual.
  4. fgwinn

    How to route a 12v power cable from the cabin to the frunk?

    Have any DIYers routed a cable from the cabin to the frunk through the "firewall" using an existing hole? If so, please describe your approach. I want to avoid drilling any new holes if possible. It's disappointing that Porsche has not included a 12-volt socket in the frunk.
  5. fgwinn

    Powering on/off aftermarket accessories using existing "switches"

    I am planning to install a front view camera on my MY22 CT 4 to facilitate parking at the EA charging stations. My car does not have the factory installed surround view camera option. I am trying to decide on the approach to use for powering the camera on/off. I do not want to install a switch...
  6. fgwinn

    Pin out for bicycle rack power plug in CT rear bumper?

    Has anyone seen a pin out diagram for the bicycle rack power outlet on the left and side of the CT rear bumper. I am wondering if this would be an easy place from which to get power for accessories. Is the socket a standard European one used for trailers? It's possible of course to determine...
  7. fgwinn

    175kWh charge rate at 150kWh EA charging station

    Last weekend I stopped to charge at the Walmart EA station in Clarion, PA. The first 350kWh charger I tried had a blank screen. I moved to the second 350kWh charger where PNC did not work and the charger was grayed out and not selectable in the Charging NA app. Thankfully no one else was at...
  8. fgwinn

    Anyone found a Taycan CT fuse chart?

    I have not been able to find a Taycan fuse chart online or in the owner's manual. Is mapping the fuses empirically the only way to identify what is on each circuit? Also, how many fuse blocks are in the car and where are they located?
  9. fgwinn

    Making CT cabin storage user friendly

    It did not take long for the cupholders to be overrun with stuff (leaving no space for drinks) since they were the most convenient place to store things. I decided to make the existing storage areas more useable by adding a few accessories. Here's a recap of what I did. 1) Replaced front...
  10. fgwinn

    Anyone tried to remove front bumper center cover?

    My MY22 CT4 is not equipped with the surround view option. I am contemplating adding an aftermarket front facing camera and possibly a backup camera as well. Can anyone provide any guidance with respect to removing the front center cover? I think the part number is 9J1807823COK1. I am trying to...
  11. fgwinn

    First 300 mile trip in CT4. Greater Philadelphia to Wilmington, VT.

    In preparation for a short trip to Vermont I identified only two EA charging stations that were on my preferred route. Both were at Walmart locations in New York State - one at about 150 miles and another at 240 miles. I also searched for some non-EA alternative stations that were nearby in case...
  12. fgwinn

    Wattage of USB C ports

    I recently mounted an Apple Magsafe charger on my MY22 CT4 console. I saw some posts where forum members were using the rear seat USB C ports because they were concerned that the console USB C ports did not have adequate power to drive the Magsafe charger. Others were using a USB C charger in...
  13. fgwinn

    Routing Magsafe cable from passenger side of console to USB C port

    I found the factory wireless phone charger not very convenient to use. I decided to install a passenger side iPhone mount on the console. I chose the passenger side since the ProClip mounting base angled towards the center of the console, and the distance from the mount to the USB C port was...
  14. fgwinn

    Connect: Unable to reach the set target charge.

    Twice this week I received an "Unable to reach the set target charge" message from the Connect app about 90 minutes before the end of the preferred charging window. In both cases the car was successfully charged to the target rate of 85%. My profile specifies a minimum rate of 25% and a...
  15. fgwinn

    Has anyone succeeded in removing any components from the center console?

    I am trying to route a Magsafe charger cable from the front of the console to the charging ports next to the 12v socket. Removing the passenger side panel of the console far enough to expose the console frame was easy enough with no special tools. I would like to be able to remove ONE of the...
  16. fgwinn

    Active radius for Smart Lift feature?

    My driveway entrance is moderately steep. I saved the Smart Lift location while the car was parked at the driveway entrance facing outwards. When leaving my home the car rises to the highest level at the edge of the drive as expected. However, when approaching my home from either direction the...
  17. fgwinn

    Heated steering wheel behavior.

    Still learning the features of my MY22 Taycan 4 CT after taking delivery on 13-Nov. I tried the heated steering feature (on standard wheel) this past weekend. I turned it off and the next few times I drove the car the heated steering wheel was on at start up. Is there a setting that controls...
  18. fgwinn

    Unexpected message from My Porsche app. Vehicle removed!

    Shortly after charging completed at 6:30am this morning I received a message from My Porsche app reading, "Your vehicle has been removed." Logging into the app confirms the car is no longer there and the Welcome message is prompting me to add vehicle. Sure enough, the car no longer recognizes...
  19. fgwinn

    What should I expect with two iPhones in a Taycan?

    Can PCM elegantly handle one iPhone in the wireless charger cradle and another one attached to a console USB-c port? Will the one plugged into the USB-c port experience poorer reception for phone calls?
  20. fgwinn

    Wattage of rear seat USB-c ports?

    Is it possible to charge an i-Pad or MacBook Pro with USB-c ports from the rear seat ports? Or is the wattage too low for anything other than a phone?