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  1. gusone

    UK Charging Networks

    Based on an average charge from 20% to 82% 52.5p per kwh
  2. gusone

    New CT on order, need help with build

    Sit in both and decide. Why do people hide model designation? What are you hiding? Trying to pretend it is something it is not. There is nothing more annoying than seeing a Taycan and wondering what model it is only for it to be blank at the back. If removal is about aesthetics then have it...
  3. gusone

    UK Charging Networks

    South East London Podpoint and Instavolt are handy as they have chargers at supermarkets, car parks and shopping centres. No need for a card. Just get the apps and register. Pay to play so no upfront payment and all started by apps. Presuming the Shell New Motion are on the Porsche app but you...
  4. gusone

    Porsche Taycan Aftermarket Wheel

    Very rivetty. Hard to imagine on a Taycan. I would like to see the finished product. But all those rivets contrasting the smooth lines of the Taycan.....
  5. gusone

    Main Instrument Panel Black Screen of Death

    Bah! Fired up Satan's Chariot of Death this morning only for the main instrument panel not to. Car 🚗 drives but without a Speedo it isn't very safe. So called the Porsche breakdown. Disconnected the 12v battery but that did nothing. So drove slowly to Porsche. Remains to be seen if it requires a...
  6. gusone

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Carmine draws massive attention. Half the people don't even realize it is a Porsche. Some Ferrari or other supercar that colour. In a sea of South London grey, black and silver car mediocrity you will shine like a light house in the darkest of storms. Just watch in the rear view mirror the head...
  7. gusone

    UK Deposits £

    Portsmouth. They were going to deliver on a flatbed truck and dump it outside my house. I decided to get the train down and drive back to SE London as I wanted the Porsche experience. And the salesman's tutorial really helped! Lovely drive.
  8. gusone

    UK Deposits £

    Get your order in! They are are amazing. I am never going back to an ice age car!
  9. gusone

    My Ice Grey GTS is finally here!

  10. gusone

    UK Deposits £

    I am not gambling anything. It’s a lease. I am giving it back after 4 years and getting a new one. I have no interest in owning any car ever again.
  11. gusone

    UK Deposits £

    I have an it is the one I have. Octopus is the registered owner and there is an option to buy the car at the end of the lease, but why would you? I effectively pay £890 a month for a £100k specced RWD. That includes insurance, tax, service and a home charger installation (which I cannot have)...
  12. gusone

    New member ordered GTS Saloon

    You need 360 view for car parks (and parking to save the wheels). It should be mandatory. You'll find yourself parking on the bay left white line to give yourself a foot to get out on the right side. Obviously if there is a car to your left the owner will hate you and trash your passenger door...
  13. gusone

    New member ordered GTS Saloon

    Very similar to my options. I am a huge fan of the HUD. Also specced Power steering plus and dimming mirrors.
  14. gusone

    UK Deposits £

    Home | Octopus Electric Vehicles ( EV leasing company that does salary sacrifice. We're all doing it as you get a Taycan half price (or any other EV car)
  15. gusone

    UK Deposits £

    Yep. I was talking to the Octopus team 3 weeks ago when they came in for a pitch.
  16. gusone

    UK Deposits £

    70 weeks for a UK Taycan according to 🐙 and they have a number of dealers.
  17. gusone

    New GTS owner

    You have nothing to lose. You can sell it for a profit if you change your mind.
  18. gusone

    Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition😉

    Aha. I have finally worked out what colour it is. It's been bugging me. BEHOLD! The Taycan GTS Creme Brulee
  19. gusone

    Watch collectors - let's talk watches here!

    Given the watch crime I picked up a Nite Tritium for the wild evenings out in London. I love the blue diver theme and Nite had this great one with blue illumination to boot. The Seamaster now takes the evening off.