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  1. Retrofit Macan Camera?

    I thought that was just how modern BMWs look :D The cameras aren't there to get a photo quality view of what's behind you...the lines, camera and sounds help you get as close as you want. To that end, I didn't find them an issue at all when I borrowed one (better than craning your neck over...
  2. Terrance’s Taycan GTS Sport Turismo Adventures [Delivered!]

    Please stop posting photos of those wheels... 😁
  3. GTS Orders UK

    Just merged with "general". Don't worry, your u-turn on Race-Tex remains for posterity 😁
  4. 4 seats -> 5 seats

    It is for these occasional uses that I'll be spec'ing the +1 seating...
  5. GTS Orders UK

    (Why was the GTS section removed? We can't be expected to discuss sweaty posteriors in the general section, surely? :D)
  6. Picked up my new Taycan today...fabulous.

    They're a bit..."what can we get the summer intern to do"....from about 1997. And they just found them on an old 3.5" floppy.
  7. My Ice Grey GTS is finally here!

    Lovely. Is the night vision any good at picking up animals in hedgerows/undergrowth at the side of a road (dog sized deer etc)? I'd dismissed it as pointless, and still think it probably is...but this is a use case that's real where I drive.
  8. Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition😉

    :clap: I'll help them with the badge!
  9. Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition😉

    My thoughts exactly. And on the colour...I was changing my eldest son's nappy when he was a couple of months old (10yrs ago), and he shit all over me. I think Porsche found the t-shirt I was wearing and used it for PTS.
  10. Taycan Turbo Initial Thoughts

    Aqua's very different. I have it on my 997 and it's "lighter" than Gentian with subtle greeny hints rather than purple. Aqua's very underrated. But am not sure it would suit the Taycan.
  11. UK service & costs

    Very happy Colchester are cheapest - they're my local OPC. If I was going to get stiffed 4 figures I'd seriously consider not bothering with the car. Getting lifted on service costs is something I stopped decades ago.
  12. GTS Build

    Ambient and rear climate would be my adds too. If I were going leather, I'd go that colour....but if I were going leather I'd probably get a Turbo :)
  13. GTS Orders UK

    Because I'm a sad knacker, and haven't touched the configurator for a few weeks now, I thought I'd look at the spec of the silver GTS ST for sale at £145k. Spec adds up to £125k list.
  14. GTS Orders UK

    It's not your hands to be concerned about.
  15. Dealers having stock and selling for over list

    They'd be better, from a PR perspective, not advertising them. Selling a car on before customers have received theirs isn't a good look. Anyone asking to buy can be handled privately. But ultimately, just keep the cars until you are a good chunk through customer orders.
  16. GTS Orders UK

    Totally agree. There was a similar car in silver advertised. Same money. I reckon it would likely be more than 10k over if the others I've seen are anything to go by. The nearest to a spec I could live with was Leicester's cherry saloon. But that jumped in price. And it's a saloon. My dealer...
  17. Terrance’s Taycan GTS Sport Turismo Adventures [Delivered!]

    They look really nice. I don't suppose you have any in Porsche Weiss Gold you could try/photo? How much do they cost, and do you supply internationally? Be interesting to see the cost compared to the GTS Spyder wheel option...
  18. UK GTS ST order Feb: heard from dealer, and...

    My dealer emailed me the other day to say they were finally going to register their GTS ST demonstrator shortly, and that they'd tee me up for a proper go in it. They also noted they hadn't had a GTS ST allocation in yet and that they had no news on when that would happen. Taycan allocations...
  19. Taking the watermelon spec to the next level

    I wonder what that looks like to a colour blind person...
  20. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    Tell him you agree that walking is much underrated and that you are proud of him for getting more exercise.