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  1. Marcad80

    Yes, I open presents before Christmas. Pics from Port of Emden

    Soooo. I just couldn’t wait for my car to get to the US. It’s been sitting in Emden for 3 weeks and I have ran out of patience. So I hopped on a plane and flew to Emden to see it! This is a picture taken today (22MR21) at the port of Emden of the Siem Aristotle in port! Also the trains...
  2. Marcad80

    The Wet Umbrella Racer

    For those of you who got their cars before the TYD (track your dream) function, or since, haven’t had your dream delayed. This is the picture you get when all your dates disappear. This is how Porsche communicates your dream is being delayed. Puts a little humor into a sad moment… .
  3. Marcad80

    Recovering Configuraholic

    So I placed my Taycan order in the beginning of December 2021 for $92k. I got an opportunity to pull ahead my order (because of a cancellation) by about 6 weeks. I thank God for that pull ahead, but not for why you’d think. They needed me to lock down immediately. At that point I was up to...
  4. Marcad80

    RWD Power/Weight vs Accel Anomoly

    After owning a Model S for the last 6 years it’s very clear that: Tesla -> overcommit under deliver Porsche -> undercommit over deliver As an excited Taycan enthusiast waiting for his cars turn on the assembly line, the Porsche approach makes this journey a lot more fun. But finding the...
  5. Marcad80

    Vehicle height: spring vs air suspension

    I couldn’t find another thread on this topic, but if there is one please point me to it… I’m debating the air suspension option on my ordered RWD. I’m not really concerned about R&H or clearance as much as the profile look of the car. I’ve looked at MANY pictures of Taycans to try and figure...
  6. Marcad80

    On Board Charger Change?

    I’m confused on what the standard on board charger is. Everything I read (even up to summer 2021) talks about an 11kw standard on board charger. But the configurator I ordered from says the standard is a 9.6kw on board charger. Did they change the OBC? Or am I missing something simple here…
  7. Marcad80

    Highest Mileage (odometer) Taycan? Issues?

    I’m a current 2013 Model S owner and just placed a deposit for a Taycan (can’t wait to get it!) I’m curious to know what are the highest mileage (odometer) Taycans now out there. And what are the issues your seeing (including any battery degradation). Two years into the Model S and I...