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  1. ron_b

    Taycan Turbo S Range Real World Instrumented Test Results by MotorTrend

    It certainly would be. The 305 rear and 265 fronts are monsters. I was just looking at a Macan at my work and it had 265s in the rear which I thought looked large when I first saw it. :cool: I look forward to a 4S test like this.
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    Another Ice Review (But no Internal Combustion Engine was used)
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    Taycan has fastest charge rate in KW and miles range per hour of charging

    You want to have SOC down to ~5% certainly <10% and battery temp ~80F. If you can "Route to a High Speed Charger" the car will start heating the battery else if you have Sport Chrono then use Sport+ and battery conditioning will start as well (be ware the suspension will also lower). The...
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    Roof Rack for the Taycan

    Interesting, here is a link to the vendor as an FYI for others
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    New Members Say Hello Here!

    Color is such a personal decision. But I am on the Dolomite Silver for the following reasons: works well with the red/black interior, allows me to not worry as much about upgrading wheels to 20" as the 19" hubs look fine with silver, allows me to keep model designation and window trim in chrome...
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    Front fender vents

    Note that the "functional" front fender vents are visible on the Taycan Turbo S with the electric charging port cover in photo #26 of #53 See discussion here if you are...
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    2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S First Test: Lächerlich Mode - Motor Trend

    This may at first look seem like a comparison with a Tesla Model S, but looking more you can see its simply an article on the Taycan Turbo S and how the Porsche DNA is shown within it. I found it both sensible and inspiring...
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    Are You New to the Porsche Brand and EVs?

    To get a little activity on this thread and maybe have new folks do the quick Survey above. See who's the #1 Automobile Brand rated by Consumer Reports Feb 20, 2020 ;-) You may guess why its posted here...
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    Roof Rack for the Taycan

    Notice it's the same photo, so I think they are the exact same product. I think Porsche just re-sells Suncoast Parts or maybe via versa. ;)
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    Roof Rack for the Taycan

    Well I wanted to share this with other current and future Taycan owners. Suncoast Parts has a roof rack and several other accessories like wheels. The roof rack is <$500, not bad I think. They also have a bike carrier attachment. Looks like the roof size similar enough to the Panamera. Note...
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    Front fender vents

    I saw that video @ThomasDK as well when it first came out but then I also saw may Porsche videos saying that they do nothing for looks alone. When I peered into the fender vents I saw a honeycomb plastic insert with holes, I assumed to keep animals or debris from getting in when the car is...
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    Testing the Limits of the All-Electric 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S | MotorWeek Road Test

    Being the proud performance-oriented brand that they are, Porsche could only sit back and watch Tesla parade around at ludicrous speed for so long. Time for them to enter the full-EV business in a big way, a way that only Porsche can. So let’s head out onto the track with the Taycan Turbo S. My...
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    Driven Car Reviews: 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S On The Track! (Sept 2019)

    My apologies that this is an older track video from Sept 2019; however, I did not find a link on this forum and I really appreciated that the Taycan Turbo S was driven by a Porsche Engineer, Ulli from ABS & Recuperation team. See Tom Voelk (of Driven Car Reviews) & Russ Mitchel (LA Times) at the...
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    Motor Trend: The Taycan Turbo S Launches Into Our Record Books by Setting New 1/4 Record For Electric Cars

    I know we in this forum are above Drag Strip Comparisons of the Taycan ;), but this one is nice to rate it as the 12th fastest accelerating car that Motor Trend has tested. :cool: And two positions above the Pl00d L+. Full article / feature...
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    Bill Gates' first electric car? A Porsche Taycan

    Forbes review of the Elon's response to discussion with Bill Gates on his Taycan purchase. Very level headed ending on which EV to get.
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    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    I too am waiting for a formal response from Porsche. But I am not so overly concerned. Porsche did 6 million km of testing on the Taycan by June of 2019 so I really feel that there would not be any major issues here.
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    Bill Gates' first electric car? A Porsche Taycan

    I'm sure Bill is having sleepless nights over Elon's tweet. :CWL:
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    Performance Options on 4S? PDCC, RWS, PTV Plus

    Agree with @fantasma, but to add @paladin732 the base Adaptive Air Suspension is what will help with rough roads and the 4D Chassis Control also base on 4S and above.
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    Performance Options on 4S? PDCC, RWS, PTV Plus

    Yes I have my 4S configured to $140k USD so I did test the Turbo and I would have wanted it at $175, so 4S it is. ;) I know many reviews talk about the prices of Porsche options and such, and I agree that some seem too steep; however, at least they offer options like night vision, rear wheel...
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    Bill Gates' first electric car? A Porsche Taycan

    And here is an article about how Gates made that possible. He obviously has an affection for Porsche's. And the 959 was an amazing car.