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  1. Shoey

    Chris Harris’ Full Taycan Review From Top Gear: I LOVE IT!

    And It wasn’t even a clean lap, I think he could have done a bit better, driving a bit sloppy in places!
  2. Shoey

    Chris Harris’ Full Taycan Review From Top Gear: I LOVE IT!

    Overall he seemed very impressed. Most importantly he said it felt like a Porsche which in my eyes is the best compliment any car can receive! Keep hearing about this amazing ride quality despite being on 21 inches rim, can’t wait to experience this
  3. Shoey

    HRE P101SC forged wheels on Porsche Taycan Turbo S

    Gentian blue can look so different depending on the light
  4. Shoey

    NFC availability

    Isn’t that the wireless charger? The NFC chip would have to been close to the outside of the vehicle such as on the B pillar for any communication to occur from outside the vehicle
  5. Shoey

    NFC availability

    Does anyone know if NFC will be available as an optional extra? With Apple introducing the ability to unlock cars via CarPlay & NFC this would be a nice feature to have instead of the comfort access which compromises security; or so I’ve heard
  6. Shoey

    Which Colors ?

    Mayk wienkötter posted this today
  7. Shoey

    My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    Cheers! That’s my experience too, wishful thinking really on my part. It would be nice to see Waze or whatever nav map being used to appear on that screen. I imagine it’s not done because the touch interface can’t be separated from CarPlay and last thing they want are people trying to get to the...
  8. Shoey

    My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    Can the Apple CarPlay be brought up on the curved display? It would be nice to see apple maps on that screen
  9. Shoey

    CarPlay wifi ?

    So as it stands the Taycan doesn't have wireless apple CarPlay but maybe something that is introduced over the air? Not having wireless apple CarPlay is a bit of a deal breaker for me as daft as that sounds. This will be my 'daily' vehicle; I would rather wait until it is formally introduced. I...
  10. Shoey

    My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    Simply stunning! How have you found the ride quality compared to your other vehicles?
  11. Shoey

    What changes are expected from June 2020 onwards

    Guys where is this information coming from regarding the changes expected in June? And is it for June build slots or June delivery? Just been offered an April build for May delivery but if there are certain options such as the 22kwh ac charger & aventurine green exterior colour being introduced...
  12. Shoey

    Automobile Magazine - The Porsche Taycan is the 2020 Design of the Year

    Agreed! I’ve loved the shape since the official reveal but for some reason it looks better and better with every passing week. It’s just so right!
  13. Shoey

    Delete Taycan 4s lettering or not?

    Keeping mine but speccing it black
  14. Shoey

    Taycan makes auto show debut in red, white, blue

    That’s what I thought initially but it’s because the venue lights are so bright! Here is a photo I took when the lights were low for the presentation
  15. Shoey

    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Here is a photo I took at the 2019 Frankfurt Autoshow.
  16. Shoey

    Possible Taycan color options...........

    Quite like the lizard green!
  17. Shoey

    World exclusive full throttle first drive of the 600+hp Porsche Taycan

    My thoughts after watching the vid, firstly the Porsche engineers are cagey over nearly every detail! Jonny mentioned 250kw charging (vs 350kw) which is a little disappointing, hopefully with time it will be a software update and not a new model. I’m 100% convinced now we are looking at the...
  18. Shoey

    So, This Is A Bit Disappointing For Us Early Adopters...

    If the 350kW charging is not available as a software upgrade later I’ll delay my order
  19. Shoey

    2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Agreed, fenders look way more curvaceous, which makes it all the more confusing. For this to be the production vehicle would mean the mules have more false panels than originally thought.
  20. Shoey

    2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Agreed very clumsy solution if it is permanent. Can see it now in some of the other cars