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  1. Limited Edition Taycan metal design sketch for depositors!

    Porsche allows you to customize the level of tilt on the stand with the screws, so you can have your own Porsche customized experience. It is what I would expect vs. a one-size-fits-all ;)
  2. 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S First Test: Lächerlich Mode - Motor Trend

    A couple notes from the article: - apparently it is standard to have 400 pounds of extra weight. That is good news, since I can safely gain another 230 pounds and still hit this performance! - They worked with a third party, Emissions Analytics, which does a lot of car testing. - They got...
  3. E Sound?

    thanks. Looks like that is Europe which has already implemented rules. my guess is that it was also implemented in the US even though it is not yet required just to save the trouble.
  4. E Sound?

    IIRC, The federal law has not yet taken effect in the US. From WIki "The regulation requires full compliance in September 2020, but 50% of "quiet" vehicles must have the warning sounds by September 2019."he They may have already put in it. @louv does your car have this pedestrian noise?
  5. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    uhhh, they are a bit late to the party on that. Lol. Someone already did this by using a mix of chargers that aren’t proprietary to one vendor, and they did it without a sponsorship and only r2d2 to help.
  6. Taycan 4s April delivery

    when did you go to v250? You are probably way ahead, since I may not go to v260 for a week or two. Good luck!
  7. Taycan 4s April delivery

    My 4S order finally went to V250, vehicle fixed ! Hopefully means going into production soon since 4Ss began showing up in Europe Ordered in December, original date was mid January. Delivery date is late May.
  8. Front fender vents

    That video seems to indicate it closed, although I couldn't quite make out all the words.
  9. Front fender vents

    @HK111 hi, is that the case for customer cars? Is that bent in the picture blocked? Doesn’t make sense that they would block it since the aerodynamics would be different for no reason.
  10. New battery pack upgrade rumored to be coming

    A software update makes sense. I new battery pack makes no sense at this late point. They already have done a gazillion hours of testing on the original pack and besides, already started delivering cars.
  11. Taycan fire in Florida garage

    He claims that the owner asked for the post to be removed. I don't know that I would want anyone posting videos of the inside of my garage either, burned or not.
  12. Taycan fire in Florida garage

    Considering that he tagged Musk on the tweet, he seemed to be looking for attention. Also, the headline of "Porsche Taycan Exploded in the garage" is click bait, since all we know is that it burned in a garage. An exploded car probably would have been all over the place. Porsche and the local...
  13. Taycan fire in Florida garage

    This reminds me of a Rorschach test where it could be penguin playing piano or a truck unloading cargo, or one of those magic images where if you look long enough you see a dancing dolphin. I was never good at either of those, so I just see a mess of metal.
  14. Taycan / Porsche must have accessories?

    Do you have recommendations for that? thanks
  15. Taycan / Porsche must have accessories?

    There usually are some parts of the windshield that has no coating - presumably for things like fast pass, or radar detectors.
  16. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Forgot to ask if you had a lot of serious elevation changes in your ride through canada and how that affected range? Looking at a trip through Utah and Nevada. Aloha!
  17. Why is the glass roof required in the US?

    There have been delays in the past (messages 31, 36) I also asked a dealer if this is a...
  18. Amperage usage control

    Does anyone know if you can set the Taycan to charge at specific times? Use case: non Porsche charger at home. Get home from work, plug it in, BUT don't have the charging start until 9pm since that is when electricity is cheapest. Thanks
  19. Amperage usage control

    my poorly worded comment was different. I am assuming from that description that I can use the mobile connect on my 40 amp circuit by telling the charger not to use more than 32 amps. Is that correct?
  20. Amperage usage control

    From the Porsche Connect Manual I currently have a 40amp circuit in the garage, so I assume this means that I can set it for 32amps to provide that safety buffer people mentioned. Is that correct? I have a charger I got for my son's Bolt, which is on the 40amp circuit providing 32amp output...