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  1. felixtb

    Roof Rack for the Taycan

    have seasucker racks on my Tesals, works even on the X. They are great, one just have to take care of them with the supplied “covers” so they are always properly concave in all temperatures.
  2. felixtb

    New Members Say Hello Here!

    wow incredible!! and I am very jealous....! who is your sales person..........? I am also from the Lausanne area and ordered my Turbo S in september........ Whom invited you to Lapland? Porsche Lausanne? would love to get together to talk Taycan and other war stories. :cool:
  3. felixtb

    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    doubt it considering nothing to that effect had happened to TESLA, at least not in Europe........
  4. felixtb

    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    compeltely agree. It’s unfortunate that these singular incidents become such big news. Since there are sooo few electric cars that burn/explode compared to gas powered cars. Unfortunately there is a lot of money prestige and political power on the line so any bad news for EVs will always be...
  5. felixtb

    Taycan manual now available U.K.

    In Switzerland as well!
  6. felixtb

    Turbo S vs Turbo - 80-120kph times

  7. felixtb

    Who are waiting in France ?

    good for you! I reserved in 2015 ordered in September and will hopefully see a car in Switzerland........ outside EU so did not have the choice to order in Germany .........
  8. felixtb

    Mission Taycan 4S Accomplished (Delivered)!

    Congratualtions! Beautiful car! Say, can you specify factory pickup in Germany.....? or did you decide to order it via the factory dealer.....?
  9. felixtb

    Who are waiting in France ?

    not sure that the first deliveries and presentation depends on Porsche France. That would rather be Porsche AG that governs which country gets allocations and when. However, the goodies is probably locally governed, at least some of them. :)
  10. felixtb

    Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    great write up. Thanks for making this a whole community trip in both VR and live.
  11. felixtb

    Chris Harris’ Full Taycan Review From Top Gear: I LOVE IT!

    nice! thanks a lot from everyone outside of the UK. :)
  12. felixtb

    Jay Leno's Garage features the Taycan Turbo S

    Yah, Mr Leno was not overly enthused by the prospects of an electric Porsche....... I wonder why..... I know he at least used to love Teslas but here he was like a wet blanket........ too bad for him. :cool:
  13. felixtb

    Chris Harris’ Full Taycan Review From Top Gear: I LOVE IT!

    Whoo not very clean from the Stig there...... :cool:
  14. felixtb

    Resale value, 4S vs Turbo?

    Sorry for bringing up Tesla but I must say that I have had great resale value for every Tesla that I have sold and that has now been 4. I know that most BEVs have bad resale value but I believe that has been a problem of perception by the manufacturer more than the reality and therefore also by...
  15. felixtb

    Has everyone that bought a 4S had the battery+ upgrade?

    Same notice in Switzerland..... Nothing else and I asked my dealer id the Alu roof and the sports package would delay my car and the answer came back from Porsche Switzerland that no this was not the case...........
  16. felixtb

    Taycan 4s April delivery

    That’s great!! I heard that there are lots of reservation holders in Sweden that have gotten cold feet..... my brother lives in Stockholm and visited his local dealer last week. He can have a June allotment for a Turbo...... he is an old client but had never looked at or discussed the Taycan...
  17. felixtb

    Which Colors ?

    Is it available for Switzerland as well...? That’s interesting. I could be interested in the yellow or orange..... just wonder how long it lasts and looks good........
  18. felixtb

    [Car and Driver Review] Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs. Tesla Model S Performance: Electric Flattery

    Initially, they did not test the S because they did not think it was going to be a big volume car.... However, as far as I understand they do test them these days... SO I suspect that Reg has a point that they optimise for EPA numbers as Porsche and other EU manufacturers optimise for the WLTP...
  19. felixtb

    Impact of Taycan on equilibrium-is it just us?

    yes this is completely agreed. and when i drove the turbo the other day it was the big and nice surprise to me. coming from many EVs of different ilk that are all quite difficult to drive very smoothly since they have the one pedal driving the Taycan felt very smooth with its power delivery. and...