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  1. Mottled Stripes On Roof Rails After Touchless Car Wash - Help!

    here is what it looked like in mine. It was right after application but they indicated that they might have had the weekend crew use the wrong cleaning solution.
  2. Mottled Stripes On Roof Rails After Touchless Car Wash - Help!

    I had this on my roof rails after ceramic pro. It turns out it was uneven wear/erosion of the ceramic pro. I think the ceramic pro struggles to cure properly on the roof rails. Your installer can polish to remove the high spots and reapply the ceramic pro.
  3. Cross Turismo Resale

    Call any dealer in California. They will likely offer you close to msrp given elevated demand and limited supply in the state which is allowing them to easily charge above msrp for cars. I asked out of curiosity for my 2022 CT4 as considering GTS at my dealer when it had 2000 miles and they said...
  4. Custom Rear Bike Rack Installed with 1up Trays

    I’m in if you make some!
  5. Curious to see Everyone's Automotive Journey That Lead You to the Taycan (pic heavy)...

    Love this. From my end: 1985 VW Jetta Diesel 1985 VW GTI 1992 Subaru Legacy 1998 Audi A4 1993 Daihatsu Hi Jet (Driven London to Mongolia) 2001.5 Audi S4 2005 Subaru Legacy GT 2010 Honda Fit 1984 Audi Urquattro 1985 Rally Rabbit GTI 2010 VW CC 1993 VW Corrado SLC 2015 VW GTI...
  6. Recommended PPF installer in California ?

    Jim at California Detailing is the best there is in the bay area. He's got an amazing team and has incredibly high standards. You cannot go wrong. I made the mistake of going to someone else because his calendar was booked out for two months and have regretted it.
  7. First month CT4 ownership frustrations

    I’m very lucky that my issues don’t prevent me from driving the car and definitely have higher standards given the premium paid for this car. My M5 and e450 wagon experiences were very different than this one and those cars were bargains in comparison :).
  8. First month CT4 ownership frustrations

    Hi All, Picked up my CT4 about a month ago and cannot get over the level of software/quality control issues with this vehicle as beautiful and amazing to drive as it is. My alarm goes off anytime I use My Porsche or look at it wrong with the doors locked unless I remember to use the magic...
  9. CHERRY METALLIC Taycan Club

    and we’re off from the dealer! Finally!
  10. Rcc Classic December delivery

    Still stuck on port processing :(
  11. Rcc Classic December delivery

  12. Rcc Classic December delivery

    Just heard that port processing is complete on my CT4. " ... the factory has indicated that your Porsche has been assigned to a trucking outfit but hasn't left the port yet."
  13. Rcc Classic December delivery

    There she is! Sorry for the iphone quality nighttime pictures
  14. Rcc Classic December delivery

    And she’s in the USA.
  15. Rcc Classic December delivery

    Entering the channel now!
  16. Rcc Classic December delivery

    100 nautical miles to go. Moving at 14 knots