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  1. FrozenRobert

    New recall on Taycans: ANA6 center/passenger displays and control panel do not start, RTV flickering image

    This exact phenomenon happened to me 2 days ago. The MAIN CENTRE CONSOLE SCREEN went bananas and flickered like a strobe light. The haptics were impaired as were several functions. It hasn't returned but OMG here we go with another recall. This one is moderately serious as it actually caused...
  2. FrozenRobert

    Taycan Factory Tour

    I guess I'll just have to re-watch that DW Documentary on YouTube. It's unfortunate they don't allow photography but I understand.
  3. FrozenRobert

    New OTA Update: ONA7 Battery Improvement Firmware? Any comments?

    FWIW, and I am a bit suspect at this -- at my usual 85% daily charge limit, I now have an increased range of about 10-12% more than before. Depending on ambient conditions I usually get 395-405km to a 85% SOC, but now the computer shows 420-430km. If so, that's a big and welcome improvement.
  4. FrozenRobert

    Taycan Factory Tour

    I was setting up my Samsung flatscreen TV last week (God help me, I am still fiddling with menus etcl) and the native Samsung 'channels' featured a thing called AUTOSPORT.TV or something, the content is all stale-dated mini-docs about cars from all over the world. I just happened to be...
  5. FrozenRobert

    A Taycan Owner Buys a Tesla: Informal Battle of Two (Very Different) EVs!

    Update: Tesla just recently raised their prices across many models both in the USA and Canada, so it seems my evil plan of 'flipping' this car makes even more sense than before. I checked the Tesla Canada website and sure enough, my identical MY2022 Model 3 is now $2,000 more than a week ago...
  6. FrozenRobert

    Study finds EV chargers unusable more than advertised - Article

    In my city (around 1.1 million people) here in Canada, there are 100+ L2 chargers, varying from 50kW to 250kW -- including the usual culprits (FLO, ChargePoint, SunCity, Tesla, etc.) ... I have informally visited many of them and found about 50% probability that any particular site will work...
  7. FrozenRobert

    Trunk Liner by Croc

    But can I get it in that popular baby-poop green that most Crocs seem to be made of? :)
  8. FrozenRobert

    Taycan Factory Tour

    SO JEALOUS. OMG I would be like a wide-eyed kid full of wonder if I got a chance! Have fun!
  9. FrozenRobert

    Porsche drivers are 55% more likely to crash while driving their Porsche [all models] compared to their other vehicle - Study & Article - Corrected

    It is a little known but unfortunate reality that a sort of misinformation war is being led by many corporate interests to their own advantages. I know, my tin-foil hat is buzzing, but the Internet is the prime vehicle (pun intended) for this type of jousting. There are several reasons why...
  10. FrozenRobert

    New OTA Update: ONA7 Battery Improvement Firmware? Any comments?

    In the past 2 days I've received two significant OTA updates from Stuttgart. The first was a massive 30 minute OTA (and very serious sounding) update that supposedly improved many of the UI components. Today, around 12:00 Noon MST, I received this: I am installing it now as I speak. I'm...
  11. FrozenRobert

    Ordered: Crayon Taycan Turbo S

    Congrats on your leap in to the Taycan world, best of luck with your delivery. Not much comfort but you're not alone in this dystopian car market we are all living with. Hope you get your car soon -- you'll love it. I swear it's worth the wait. :)
  12. FrozenRobert

    Tesla Responsible for 70% of Driver Assist Crashes

    Not surprised. My 2022 Tesla Model 3 has the Beta of 'Self Driving' and it scares the crap out of me. I never use it. Totally "not ready for prime-time". My 2016 MB 350GLE SUV has Level 1 auto driving, and does a much better job -- with 7 year old technology. Hmm. Ain't that something?
  13. FrozenRobert

    Track comparison: Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Taycan 4S

    Long story (won't get into it here) but I currently own a 2022 Tesla Model 3 Perf and a 2021 Taycan 4s. I watched this video last week, I follow that RS EV guy's channel on YouTube regularly. FROM THE VIDEO: If you watch the split screen sequences carefully, notice how many times his...
  14. FrozenRobert

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Thanks very much! Appreciate the compliments! Cherry Red Metallic is not a common colour and I absolutely love it.
  15. FrozenRobert

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Another comment: I get comments from every sociodemographic. Aged hippies, hoonigans, young women, gear heads, truck drivers. Always positive. :) Another glamour shot:
  16. FrozenRobert

    Nuts delivery estimate

    I was just at Porsche local dealer here in Canada last week, salesman said any Taycan would be 6 month wait. I think he was lying a bit.
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    One more, just because it's Thursday, and this is a beautiful car.
  18. FrozenRobert


    Rainy Tuesday here in my city, so why not try a H2O photo shoot?
  19. FrozenRobert

    Taycan - Daily Driver even in Winnipeg Winter?

    If you're interested you can check out a recent report of my first full-on Winter with my 2021 Taycan 4S. Drove it in Edmonton in January. It was -34 C for a lot of the time. The Taycan was AWESOME. Here's the link...