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  1. Crick

    "Why Paint Protection Film (PPF) Sucks - Watch this before you buy" - video

    For anyone interested in STEK and its hydrophobic properties (so it does not need an additional layer of ceramic coating), this is what "drying" the car looks like after a wash :D (using a leaf blower...)
  2. Crick

    Recommended Security Wheel Bolts?

    The factory-provided "security" splined wheel bolt is no real security at all. One can buy a splined socket for $40 on eBay With a socket and battery-powered impact wrench, it's seconds to remove weel bolts. It was no deterrent to the would-be thief who first snagged the splined bolt on my...
  3. Crick

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    21" MIssion E wheels Turbo S: Performance Battery Plus (93.4 kWh) Avg temperature for the period, ~55˚F Driving time 97:25 h Electrical distance 2,046 mi ø Speed 21 mph ø Electrical consumption 0.4 kWh/mi
  4. Crick

    Locking Wheel Nut Key

    Don't buy Porsche "security" wheel bolts. The Taycan's splined "security" wheel bolt is not a deterrent to thieves. One can buy a splined socket for $40 on eBay It was the first bolt removed by would-be thieves on my own three-month-old MY2021:
  5. Crick

    Traded in my 2020 Porsche 911 (992) Carrera 4S for a Taycan 4S

    Hang tight, the Macan is the next electric Porsche
  6. Crick

    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    FWIW, I'm happy with the Clippercreek HCS-D50 - 40 Amp Dual Charging Station, Level 2, 240V, 25-foot cable, Hardwired It was simple to install hardwired to a 50 amp breaker. The 25' cables are pliant, easily manipulated, and long enough to comfortably reach two vehicles in the garage. The...
  7. Crick

    HUD Customized View not saving or reverting

    Hi Forum, My 2021 Turbo S does not retain a customized HUD setting. The customization process is quite straightforward using the PCM and the customized HUD displays fine ... for a while. Within a drive or two; however, the HUD reverts from a customized two-pane layout (e.g., with compass...
  8. Crick

    Insane market in Northern Cali

    I spoke with Redwood City Porshe yesterday (near San Francisco) — They received only two Turbo S allocations in 2021, and have received only one MY2022 Turbo S allocation (allocated in Q4 '21)
  9. Crick

    Important Retrofit (2nd Keyfob) for Your Vehicle is Now Available

    Porsche: always selling and always offering high-touch customer service. There will be some synching involved between the new fob and the vehicle. Not a lot of time, but some. Fully expect my dealer o offer me a cup of Joe and show me how the two fobs are configured for different drivers and...
  10. Crick

    Important Retrofit (2nd Keyfob) for Your Vehicle is Now Available

    Just received this regarding my MY2021 Turbo S delivered on Dec 31 w/o a 2nd key fob: Dear Mr. Waters, At the time of your vehicle delivery, we informed you that due to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage, your vehicle was delivered with only 1 handheld transmitter. We...
  11. Crick

    *SOLVED* - locking your doors WIHTOUT keyfob - using your hand...

    The two taps on the fob are needed for those of us whose vehicles were delivered with a faulty interior motion detection alarm. Two taps on the fob w/i two seconds locks the car with the interior motion detector disabled. Normally this is needed only when something is left behind that moves...
  12. Crick

    Night Vision Assist Saved Me Last Night

    Agree with you on this point. It's great that people and animals are picked up, but hard to know it's happened with eyes on the road. My reaction was the same as yours and I looked for a way to bring it up on the HUD.
  13. Crick

    Rear Axle Steering for daily driver?

    One of the best features of the car. Love it - best at low speed turning in the hood, three-pointers, and u-turns. All cars should be so lucky.
  14. Crick

    "Why Paint Protection Film (PPF) Sucks - Watch this before you buy" - video

    It did. Gave it a deeper, more lustrous color. This is the before:
  15. Crick

    Time from waitlist to allocation - your experience?

    Deposit in Jan 2021, allocation in May 2021. I had contacted every dealer from LA to SF - not one had an allocation or received one during this time. My dealer is Redwood City Porsche, the highest volume dealer in Northern CA. They worked "allocation trades" trying to get a Turbo S. Mine was...
  16. Crick

    "Why Paint Protection Film (PPF) Sucks - Watch this before you buy" - video

    PPF complete! Elite Motors did a spectacular job. I love the depth and luster that was introduced to the red by the STEK. (original post here). Here is a shot of the final result:
  17. Crick

    Wheel & Tire Protection Plan

    I did not. I'm banking on all the fragile stuff breaking in the first four years of factory warranty. I did buy the Posche Scheduled Maintenance Plan for $1,830. Covers scheduled maintenance for four years/40,000 mi.
  18. Crick

    Wheel & Tire Protection Plan

    I only purchased Tire and Wheel. Regular insurance will cover the windshield (with deductible), I've never lost a key so see as a low probability, and dents are also pretty rare. Tires and wheels, on the other hand, have been a plague for my two BMWs and two Chevy's over the years. I expect...
  19. Crick

    Wheel & Tire Protection Plan

    Hi @maddie , Pre-tax?: No sales tax. Sales tax only on the vehicle. 5-Year Premier?" It is for 7 years: "Porsche Protection Plan Multi-Coverage Protection" Dealer?: Porsche Redwood City, CA Plan is attached.