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  1. PanameraFrank

    CT4 initial thoughts: the good, the bad and the ugly

    Unless they've changed the standard interior since I got it, the plastic parts are excellent quality and much nicer than what I've had in Jaguars, BMWs, etc. It's a very nice standard interior. The coffee cups are awesome and work great, love them! As mentioned above, auto dim mirrors are...
  2. PanameraFrank

    Recall Frenzy

    This. I haven't taken my car in a single time and it runs perfectly. Recalls are very often overreactions to very, very rare events. IMHO the only "frenzy" is when people take their cars in for recalls when their car is working fine and it isn't an otherwise required appointment.
  3. PanameraFrank

    Taycan: Buyer be aware or how to go from soul electrified to soul crushed

    As above, your experience sucks and I'm sorry you have to deal with it. However, Porsche is working on fixing your problem and, honestly, the timeframes you've been given are quite good considering global issues/shortages/delays. Hopefully the dealership has you in a nice loaner. The Taycan...
  4. PanameraFrank

    Is my love waning already?

    Squeaking seat should be an easy dealer fix. Key memory should work fine, check w the dealership to get it set up correctly. Infotainment, boot space, charging are all fine for what the car is and shouldn't be a surprise to you. Stop worrying about a computer screen and enjoy driving a kickass...
  5. PanameraFrank

    PNW Washington taycan owners

    I'm in Seattle. Volcano Grey 4S. I've seen a few Taycans floating around. @PTProspect do you go to Crystal?? I saw a red Taycan a month or two ago when I was leaving. Awesome color.
  6. PanameraFrank

    Taycan in cold climates - your experience?

    Charging, range, and phantom battery loss are the cons. As you mention, this is true of all EVs in the cold. Otherwise I haven't heard of any specific Taycan-related issues in the cold. It stays nice and toasty warm and performs great in the snow. Ground clearance isn't spectacular but in...
  7. PanameraFrank

    Porsche should stay out of electric game!

    This. Buybacks are more common than true lemons, which require legal action and are a major PITA. Usually a manufacturer will buy the car back before that point, often with minor additional incentives. If you're willing to buy another car from that manufacturer they'll do buybacks w/...
  8. PanameraFrank

    Porsche should stay out of electric game!

    Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately ALL modern cars have some % of lemons and that has only increased (probably substantially) with COVID challenges. There are a lot of parts getting thrown together and rushed out the door to meet the tremendous backlog of demand, which is only...
  9. PanameraFrank

    Taycan headlights wanna be? What is it?!

    Whatever they're doing Genesis makes some of the sharpest looking cars for their categories & price point. Always impressed when I see one.
  10. PanameraFrank

    Is it odd for shop foreman to take my car home?

    What good diagnosis does parking a customer's car at a tech's home overnight help achieve? Driving it during working hours, check, but leaving a customer's car unattended at a private residence overnight is inappropriate. If nothing else that will cause issues with insurance should something...
  11. PanameraFrank

    Is it odd for shop foreman to take my car home?

    I'd certainly bring it up, ask why they felt the need to have your car parked off premises overnight and what security it had. That should get you some answers. It's one of those things where maybe the tech is awesome and was taking great care of your car.. but it's not someone you know and not...
  12. PanameraFrank

    Is it odd for shop foreman to take my car home?

    It's not an unusual thing for them to do but that doesn't mean it's appropriate. Was this during working hours or later? If it was during working hours you don't really have a complaint, if it was after hours and it sat parked at some guy's house it's a problem. Your car should be parked in a...
  13. PanameraFrank

    Dealer Incompetence - What Remedies Do I Have?

    It's hard to say. If they're really ordering the right part and Porsche is sending them the wrong one.. there's not much to be done except make sure they are more emphatic with Porsche Germany. A headlight being faulty pre-delivery isn't anything too odd, just supply chain issues makes...
  14. PanameraFrank

    Burglary Experience With Thermally & Noise Insulted Glass

    Ugh, I'm pretty sure I'll walk down to this scene sooner or later. My "secure" garage in a nice Seattle neighborhood has people breaking in & windows smashed daily. I try to make a show of there being nothing in my Taycan to steal, but it's only a matter of time until someone decides to take a...
  15. PanameraFrank

    Issues buying from out of state dealer?

    You 100% don't have to be there in person. They can mail the paperwork and ship the car to you sight unseen. They want you to come down to try to sell you addons in person, period. Say no and tell them to overnight the paperwork. They can take a video of the car to give you to confirm quality...
  16. PanameraFrank

    Car is super noisy on highway

    This is such a subjective argument that it's hard to give a solid answer. I, like many, find the Taycan to be an acceptable to excellent level of quiet on the highway. But if you've never driven an EV before it can be jarring, as the decibels can be quieter but you hear more, ie wind noise, tire...
  17. PanameraFrank

    Do we need PTV - Porsche Torque Vectoring?

    I don't think PDCC should even be on the radar unless people intend to track their Taycan regularly. PDCC is most beneficial on cars with a high center of mass to reduce body roll and/or for pure track times. RWS is amazing all the time. PTV+ is just really nice to have. PDCC isn't worth the...
  18. PanameraFrank

    What happens at 0% range remaining

    It was about half a mile. Maybe it could have gone further but considering the car bricked midway through a turn I wouldn't recommend any of this. :CWL:
  19. PanameraFrank

    Just picked CT4 Cararra White

    Thanks, yeah, I'm aware. I fixed the autocorrect for you. The point was putting "white" in the name makes it a less popular choice. But I appreciate you both attempting to explain something I already know to me instead of congratulating the OP.
  20. PanameraFrank

    Just picked CT4 Cararra White

    Carrara White is such a great color. I honestly think if they just called it "Carrara" and didn't mention white, more people would order it. It's very distinct, unlike most white paints. I'd strongly consider it if I ordered a new Taycan and your car is lovely!