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  1. Can’t close trunk from PCM or with key

    Can you remind me where the trunk close button is in the PCM?
  2. Can’t close trunk from PCM or with key

    Damn, that's Good to Know. I've often wondered about this myself. Thanks! Edit: after reading until the end of the thread I see that apparently this does not work :(
  3. Someone Educate Mustang Block E Drivers!

    Yeah, agreed that this graph is a bit more accurate than the insideEVs one, although I do find it rare to actually get a full 150kW on a 150kW EA station. That being said, I've definitely personally seen 100kW+ rate of charge until 90% SoC.
  4. My first extended "spirited" driving session (33 min video)

    Just wanted to share a video I recorded of my first time driving through some fun twisty roads for this long of a time. The route was Highway 9, Bear Creek Road, and Highway 17 in Northern California. Highway 9 in particular was fantastic. Very well paved, nicely banked, and nice scenery. I...
  5. Battery not providing proper range?

    This was my best range, with PB+, back in Aug 2021. It's not even the highest I've seen on this forum, I recall someone got 330.
  6. Where is Individual Drive Mode?

    Well, ignoring the fact that my post is over year old at this point... I ordered an inventory model, so I had no choice in my config. I bought it because it checked off most of the boxes I had been looking for (color, battery size, not too many options to keep the price "low"). When I made this...
  7. Porsche delivery experience?

    Worst case, even if for some reason you aren't able to get the free charging, you should at least be able to pay for charging at EA (or other) stations.
  8. Road Trip Report - Texas to California Round Trip

    Thanks for your write up, glad you made it to Los Gatos safely! I'll repeat myself from my earlier post -- if you have time, I highly suggest you drive the 17, Bear Creek Rd, 9 loop. The 9 especially is beautiful, well paved, banked, and twisty. I just did this drive a week ago, my first...
  9. Road Trip Report - Texas to California Round Trip

    After making the drive down the California coast last Sunday, I have a feeling that the congestion is largely due to it being Sunday. In all my other trips between LA and SF, the stations have been pretty much empty, at most 1 other vehicle at any given station. Last Sunday, multiple stops along...
  10. Road Trip Report - Texas to California Round Trip

    Best of luck on your trip @DerekS! I was going to suggest you cut across California to the coast and drive up the 101/1 instead of driving the mind numbing 5 freeway, but I recognize that day 2 is an estimated 11+ hours already. Perhaps next time! Also, I see you are ending in Los Gatos. I just...
  11. CT4 initial thoughts: the good, the bad and the ugly

    Ah OK, I'll have to pay closer attention. Where is the dimming sensor?
  12. CT4 initial thoughts: the good, the bad and the ugly

    My side view mirrors are auto dimming, the rear view mirror though? I think it's just a normal mirror, no?
  13. 2,500km family roadtrip - Dublin (Ireland) to Athens (Greece) - in a Taycan 4S.

    Not sure what happened on your end, but you can set your desired destination charge % in the settings. If I set it to 50%, this is what I get:
  14. 2,500km family roadtrip - Dublin (Ireland) to Athens (Greece) - in a Taycan 4S.

    How's this? Make sure you set Ionity as "Preferred and Exclusive" in the sidebar settings.
  15. Cross shopping w Lucid

    This is the first pic of the Lucid that actually looks decent to me, at least from this angle. All the other two toned variations with champagne/burgundy and such looked horrible imho.
  16. There’s a goat stuck in my front brakes

    btw, just so I'm clear, this braying is not the same as a sort of air whooshing sound I hear when I apply my brakes at lowish (city streets) speeds to come to a stop, is it? Because I have that, and just sort of figured it was normal.
  17. 2,500km family roadtrip - Dublin (Ireland) to Athens (Greece) - in a Taycan 4S.

    Fantastic trip report! I'd be curious how much your efficiency was affected by having 5 people + luggage.
  18. Rented a Model Y

    I agree with Dave, no reason it can't be an option. People are free to choose which mode they want to use. For example, do you also feel that no Porsche should have adaptive cruise control, active lane keeping, etc.? With how good the Taycan is at touring, there's sometimes where you just want...
  19. Rented a Model Y

    Yeah, if it works for you, then that's all good. My point is simply that Amazon forced you to buy that extra device to get hands free support. Spotify, for example, does integrate with Siri, so you can ask your phone to play music on Spotify and it works. No extra device needed.
  20. Rented a Model Y

    Ah ok, in that case, it is likely that Amazon has not added Siri support, specifically because they want you go buy an Echo Auto. See this thread from a couple of years ago.