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  1. dickp

    FOD now available for 2022 Taycans

    Took the car out for a brief test drive, and it seems to be working fine.
  2. dickp

    FOD now available for 2022 Taycans

    I was just now able to download and purchase Active Lane Keeping for my 2022 4 CT. It is currently installing. I went with the $24/month option.
  3. dickp

    Porsche Mobile Charge Connect - PMCC

  4. dickp

    Custom Cross Turismo Rear Bike Rack Group Buy

    I would like to get 1 trailer plug, $50.
  5. dickp

    Back from PCA Parade in Poconos PA

    The Resort had plenty of level ll chargers that were free to use.
  6. dickp

    Back from PCA Parade in Poconos PA

    The car got so much positive attention and comments. PCA magazine “Panorama" did a photo shoot of the my Taycan and will be running them along with an interview with me in a future magazine. The Concourse was a learning experience. It was much more demanding than the PCA Werks Concourse in...
  7. dickp

    Best place to get GTS emblems?

    Your PPF guy should be able to remove & reinstall the emblems. No need to purchase new ones.
  8. dickp

    Porsche Mobile Charge Connect - PMCC

    It is still available.
  9. dickp

    POLL: Is your Taycan missing the Charging Planner

    Good on ya Mate, & thanks for the update & all your hard work.
  10. dickp

    Parade 2022 meetup anyone?

    Just got good news, that charging during the Parade for members will be free at the Kalahari Resort.
  11. dickp

    Using Tesla chargers with an adapter

    No, there is no app to install.
  12. dickp

    Parade 2022 Drive/Meetup - Unofficial / Thursday, June 16

    I hate to miss this drive, but I will be heading back home on Thrusday from the Parade,
  13. dickp

    Parade 2022 meetup anyone?

    I just found out that EV charging at Kalahari Resort will cost around $50. Must use Valet parking $30 fee + $20 charger fee. Looks like going back & forth to Stroudsburg will be what I will be doing. I plan to arrive fully charged so may not have to charge more than once more to do the 2 touring...
  14. dickp

    Parade 2022 meetup anyone?

    I have signed up for a couple of the group drives at the parade. However, I would be interested in seeing if we could put together something else in addition to that.
  15. dickp

    PCA Parade in the Poconos

    Yes, I just now read your post. I am out of the country with very limited Internet currently. Will get back to you after 1st. of June when I get back home. I am very much looking forward to takeing my Taycan to the parade. And am sure whatever charging issues we encounter can be worked out.
  16. dickp

    Has anyone received the Porsche 2 bike carrier yet?

    I was one of the first to take delivery of the rear bike carrier rack several months ago. IMHO it is way over engendered and prone to breakage. Mine did break (see my many posts on this). My dealer tried to get it repaired through Porsche, but gave up and took it back and gave me a full refund...
  17. dickp

    Rear bicycle carrier apparently not available for ST

    I have seen this discussed on the forums before and was under the impression that the conclusion was that the rear bicycle carrier was available for the ST. As I had mentioned in one of my posts while at PCA Werks Amelia Island I was told by a Porsche factory rep. that the ST would not take the...
  18. dickp

    GTS price increase for MY 2023

    See my reply to a previous post - "I have the bike carrier rack on my 4CT. I have not noticed much affect on range; however, I have not used it on a road trip yet. I just returned from...
  19. dickp

    Amelia Island Concourse & PCA Werks March 2022

    Sorry for the late post, but here are shots from the Amelia Island Concourse & PCA Werks back in March 2022. My Taycan 4CT was awarded a second place in the Werks Concourse on Friday. Great event & I will be planning to attend next year.
  20. dickp

    Custom Cross Turismo Rear Bike Rack Group Buy

    I'm in for the bars.