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  1. I just can’t believe it! Almost 2 years in Taycan 4S+!

    Only 700km on the odo meter…
  2. I just can’t believe it! Almost 2 years in Taycan 4S+!

    You must have a very very special car.. I don’t get less than 23kwh/100km.. this is around 360km of range , not 540 as in your example.. the latter would mean 15kwh/100km. something I have only achieve with my model S at a constant 70kph
  3. Taycan Base vs. Turbo S - my review

    I have the base audio and can confirm it sucks. Nowhere as good as the model s.. On the other hand there are no rattles in the taycan so I enjoy the silence 👍
  4. A Taycan Owner Buys a Tesla: Informal Battle of Two (Very Different) EVs!

    Currently have a 2018 model S and a 2022 Taycan ST. what I like about the model S : it’s just an appliance to get me from A to B.. I don’t care if the kids make it dirty inside, if there s a dent or some damage..In 4 years the car has been washed 4-5 times.. BUT it’s the best car I ve ever...
  5. Anyone miss Flappy Paddles?

    They should have added paddles for regen.. 1 pull is 70kw regen another pull is 140kw and the last pull 300kw.. something like this.. if you touch the accelerator it cancels the regen…. Would have been awesome
  6. Fan noise coming from instrument cluster ??

    They couldn’t fix it.. so now they are waiting on instructions from Germany.. Meanwhile I have a car with a constant-loud—almost-like-an-overheated-laptop-fan-noise. Just great. why would they even put a fan in the instrument cluster ?? Talk about bad engineering. the software in general is...
  7. Fan noise coming from instrument cluster ??

    been waiting in the dealer for two hours already 🤦‍♂️ I guess they have really no f**** clue as to how they could fix it. Let me just say I had serveral Porsches before without any issue, but this.. heck I had at least a few months with the model s before it needed fixing 😂
  8. Fan noise coming from instrument cluster ??

    looks like it.. 60db 😱
  9. Fan noise coming from instrument cluster ??

    so today I took delivery of a Taycan Sport Turismo.. All seems well except there is a noise coming from the instrument cluster.. like an old pc fan doing overtime or a laptop fan when the laptop is running crazy hot.. the fan is doing overtime.. I have the NWS PCM ( 6.0 ) I included a...
  10. Ordering question

    @TaycanHero : exactly what I’m thinking.. Good suggestion in some gloves 😉😅
  11. Ordering question

    So, I made a custom order on a Tayacan Sport Turismo. I specced it with a heated steering wheel. Then before the freeze date I told my SA I want to add sport chrono, delete ACC and change the colour… Then I signed the changed order… Now ( months later ) car will be delivered in a few weeks it...
  12. Tesla Superchargers opened in Sweden

    the 150kw/400V option.. hasn't that become standard equipment in the MY21 or 22 ? but this means you can't make use of the V3 (250kw) SuC because it doesn't deliver enough amps
  13. Any issues with Taycan RWD model?

    Is the regen breaking actually a lot less than the 200+ kw ? How much is it with the RWD ? Are the front brakes always applied when using the brake paddle ?
  14. Performance Options ?

    a down to earth honest opinion ? let me add : the range varies heavily between summer and winter.. But I suppose you prefer the steel spring Taycan over the tesla air suspension ? Best of luck
  15. Performance Options ?

    to be honest... for battery degradation alone I would pick the bigger battery.. my model S has some serious degradation but I don't really mind.. but it's only gonna get worse. @jasperp : I suppose you went for a base-build ? no leather interior ? but nice to hear it drives like it should ...
  16. Performance Options ?

    at the moment I decided on air suspension, big battery. concerning RAS and PTV+ .. with "normal" driving I guess it's not gonna make a hughe difference and just to be able to park more easily.. nah.. I also added sport chrono and the electric sound, but think I'm gonna skip those.. At the...
  17. My Views After Test Driving RWD & 4S Both today!

    Don’t you feel the front wheels scrambling for traction on a model s ?
  18. My Views After Test Driving RWD & 4S Both today!

    the weight.. On a track you want no weight ? If I remember, Shmee did 2 laps on the nordschleife and that was also it for the battery.. battery is also getting too hot.. limiting power.. I wouldn’t recommend it… drive 10 laps and you probably have a serious bill too pay if it’s still running...
  19. Performance Options ?

    you can’t see RAS/Airsuspension/PVT+.. so how can you call that dressing up or pretending ? Big rims, exterior packages… yes..