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  1. GTS Orders UK

    closet statto 🤓
  2. GTS Orders UK

    It's a company car so resell isn't an issue (although it might help with residuals reducing lease so will check). I'm trying to avoid ordering stuff for FOMO and I'm focussed heavily on things I will use, except for the passenger display which was ordered to stop my son whining even though...
  3. GTS Orders UK

    I always wish I spec a bike carrier / tow bar, but I end up not doing it as I don't think I'll use enough. I'm going to have another read of the pros and cons of the 150kw option in the UK. My last conclusion was again that I wouldn't use it enough as the majority of my charging will be at...
  4. GTS Orders UK

    Octopus are quoting October 2023 for my GTS order placed this month - a bit better than their initial 18+ month estimate. However, I called Porsche Wolverhampton this afternoon for their take - they still think it'll be a year and that hopefully it'll fall around the time MY24 details become...
  5. Speed camera alerts UK - possible?

    I haven't got my Taycan yet, but Android Auto in my X5 ONLY pings a cam alert if I'm using route guidance - it's doesn't ping if you are just driving down a road
  6. GTS Orders UK

    @G7SUM I've just spoken to Porsche Wolverhampton where Octopus have placed my order. The dealer said that even though they've got one of the largest allocations in the UK (haven't they all, but he did say they were 5th so a bit more believable rather than "we're #1") if I'd placed an order for...
  7. GTS Orders UK

    I'm optimistically hoping that the World will start getting back to normal over the next 18 months and that the shortages will get resolved e.g. one or more of the new factories will have been built by then.......
  8. GTS Orders UK

    My long wait has only just started. I placed an order this week for this GTS PP52ZW18. I was given an estimate of 15 months before ordering, which has just been revised to 18 months 😭 Octopus have placed my order with Wolverhampton and are waiting for my commission number to come back. I...
  9. Lessons From a Serial Upgrader: Taycan 4S --> GTS --> Turbo

    I 100% agree with this. I always try to drive the model I'm going to buy with the same wheels after a Cayman S I owned a few years back. My Cayman S was awful with the 19" Turbo wheels I had on it, and I was scared driving it for a few weeks as it was always tramlining. My cousin was so scared...
  10. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    It took me ages to settle on my spec - I'm worried I'll go mad with all the tweaks over the next 18 months! Knowing my luck, I'll get the model year before a facelift, range doubling etc
  11. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    Well, my GTS order is in and I've just been told the lead time is 18 months..... 😭
  12. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    It's so close to MY24 I think it's worth waiting e.g. there might be a few useful upgrades. Saying that some year's upgrades are pathetic e.g. I waited until sept for a Cayman once and i think the only upgrade was to the ventilation slats!
  13. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    When I asked the dealer about this, he just said it needed a wipe down once a week to avoid build up, when made sense. I quite liked the feel of it and I hate how leather is very cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, so I fancy a change.
  14. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    Hopefully you'll find the better residuals on the GTS actually make the car cheaper £ for £ as well. I got quoted a 64 WEEK leadtime, so I didn't rush to put my order in last week/got distracted with work as I'm going to order for a Sept 23/ 73 Plate.
  15. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    The residuals are better with the GTS - probably because it's scarcer. £80/mth more for 10k of options sounds about right - if your 4S was a few £k higher e.g. £103K+ it would cost more than £110K GTS.
  16. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    Are you comparing like with like? With Octopus GTS's are slightly cheaper than 4S's - even when the GTS has a slightly higher OTR e.g. £116K GTS Vs £114K 4S gave me a lower monthly cost for the GTS
  17. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    I tried that tactic last night.... he said that if I don't get the screen he will not get in the car and will make my life hell!
  18. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    I'm starting to come around to this - simarlarly to the surround camera, this might be an option to stop any potential embarrassment from ppl thinking I can't drive! Seriously though, the turn into my drive at home can be hard at times as my neighbour doesn't always park in a considerate...
  19. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    It is a brilliant scheme. For PNAW57W5 over 3 years/10k pa they quoted me £945 net salary deduction - that's with no deposit, fully maintained, free home charger installation, insured, taxed and to top it off, 5K miles free public charging! All in that's less than my vastly inferior X5, so I...
  20. Comments on my UK GTS Build

    Thanks - that's useful to know that they might be telling the truth about build slots and that I might be similarly lucky. Fingers crossed.