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  1. soawjo

    271 miles! 100% charged. What’s your range shown?

    And the missing 1.3 kWh?
  2. soawjo

    271 miles! 100% charged. What’s your range shown?

    Well, about 5kWh because presumably there’s a similar size buffer at the top end as well. But it’s still effectively 0% because that 5kWh is unusable
  3. soawjo

    271 miles! 100% charged. What’s your range shown?

    Yeah, as I said I was doing 60-70mph (100-125kph) as traffic conditions allowed but my journey involved using the Dartford crossing of the Thames which held me up a lot and reduced my average speed considerably (I expect some other UK owners will be all too familiar with this as well). I reckon...
  4. soawjo

    271 miles! 100% charged. What’s your range shown?

    I see you're south coast like me so getting the best temperature for UK. I do sometimes wonder when I read about the range discrepancies whether some people are getting more capacity on the PB+ than others. Is it possible Porsche aren't exactly restricting the capacity at 83.7 kWh for every car...
  5. soawjo

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    A bloke flagged me down in the supermarket carpark the other week. I thought he was going to go on about what an amazing car I own but instead he said "why is your car so quiet?"
  6. soawjo

    Track comparison: Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Taycan 4S

    Yeah, the 3.9s 0-100kph must be an old model. Mat Watson on carwow couldn't quite get the 3.1s 0-60 but was getting under 3.3s which is a bit faster than the 4s (he usually does quarter mile as well but didn't for this):
  7. soawjo

    271 miles! 100% charged. What’s your range shown?

    Last time I charged to 100% I got 270-something on the guessometer. The best I’ve done consumption wise is this (in miles and km for those not bilingual): Extrapolating, I make that 331 miles for a full charge RWD Mission Es Manual charge ports Performance battery plus Mostly dual...
  8. soawjo

    Park assist with surround view ?

    I’ve said before that surround view is my favourite ‘functional’ option that I chose, I think it’s brilliant. The rear camera on its own not so much. There’s been a lot of discussion on here about the rear camera, some say it’s terrible, others say it’s fine. For me, it’s nowhere near as good as...
  9. soawjo

    Got pulled over today…

    Yeah, I’ve noticed
  10. soawjo

    How do I know if I have RAS?

    Ah, this old chestnut. After taking delivery I said I regretted not specing RAS but with the number of people who’ve speced it not even sure they have it maybe I’m not missing out all that much
  11. soawjo

    Got pulled over today…

    Pretty sure it’s an instant ban or even jail time if you get caught doing 50mph over the limit in the UK. Although if it’s the police pulling you over (rather than getting caught on camera) maybe you can still charm your way out of it
  12. soawjo

    New Build - what am I missing?

    was exactly my response on reading
  13. soawjo

    PEC Silverstone 1/6/22

    I thought I'd check about the passenger rule after I posted but I couldn't actually find it in the brochure when I reread it or any info they've sent me so it's possible I just read that on here rather than directly from PEC. It does always refer to your guest as a 'spectating guest' so maybe...
  14. soawjo

    Anyone miss Flappy Paddles?

    Haha, I do exactly the same when when I get in my other car after mainly driving the Taycan. My first impression of the Taycan was "what a ridiculous place to put the drive selector" but it's amazing how quickly you get used to something and it becomes second nature
  15. soawjo

    PEC Silverstone 1/6/22

    This is not my experience. In the list of cars I was given for my guest to choose from it included Taycan 4S and Taycan 4S Cross Turismo. He went for a 911 Carrera S anyway but the choice was there
  16. soawjo

    PEC Silverstone 1/6/22

    In the PEC brochure it says guests aged under 16 have to be supervised by an adult at all times but also guests cannot accompany you in the car
  17. soawjo

    Retrofit Macan Camera?

    I very rarely use the individual cameras anyway. i optioned the surround view and I think it's brilliant, probably my favourite 'functional' option. Obviously my favourite overall option is the Mission Es but that's just my shallowness, favouring aesthetics over function 😃
  18. soawjo

    Range decrease?

    Usually between 80-90% but like @Fish Fingers if I have a long journey the next day I try to give it a full charge. I don’t aim for a specific percentage, once I go below about 60% I plug it in for charging and I have four hours of very cheap rate electricity every night. My EVSE knows this and...
  19. soawjo

    Range decrease?

    Yes, all other things being equal (driving style, journey length, AC use) the higher the temperature the higher the expected range I often charge above 80% but I use the car nearly every day. I believe the advice is not to charge above 80% if your taycan is sitting unused for extended periods
  20. soawjo

    I am underwhelmed by my Taycan Pen

    Another bonus of Porsche ownership arrived by email today. I’ve been invited to a Porsche golf day! I don’t play golf