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  1. PCM wheel of death

    Agreed, was a very unhelpful comment! Spotify is not super reliable but that is only gripe. I also noticed the treble/bass changes do reset from time to time as has been reported elsewhere. Minor stuff
  2. PCM wheel of death

    5-7 minutes?! 2022 is up and running instantly.
  3. Critique My Build - New GTS Sedan

    I had a Volcano Panamera and thought it looked awesome as a Luxobarge but the Taycan's lines really support lighter and brighter colours. Obviously personal choice but do not be afraid to make it look a touch exotic. Agree with the above re the HUD. I have it on other cars but the speed...
  4. Custom Painted 2022 4S Cross Turismo - Changed OEM patterned plastic to Satin Black and much more.

    This is a game changer for the rear bumper. So much matt cheap plastic. Would love to get this done.
  5. Interest Rate Increase?

    Was sub 5 percent but that was over a month ago. Get in contact with them directly as I'm not sure of the technicalities, sorry!
  6. Interest Rate Increase?

    I 100% got the finance sorted (or at least thought I had!) but the rate was not locked-in. Still, Clydesdale beat 5.9% by some degree, so it ended well. I am surprised that they are honouring 5.9% still, would like to see that 100% confirmed.
  7. Interest Rate Increase?

    Clydesdale is the way forward!!
  8. Interest Rate Increase?

    ClydesDale was just shy of 5% with some competitive tension. I can make the intro if you pm.
  9. Interest Rate Increase?

    Try ClydesDale but I think that's personal only.
  10. GTS (USA) – my thoughts after 10 days

    I have had no real glitches (spotify is not the most reliable). Only comment is the interior is not "luxury" - it is nicely put together and functional, but not wow. Lots of plastic around (the worst is next to the back seats). Also the grab handles are the CHEAPEST! Why Porsche?

    probably an extra that is on stop sale? Presumably they can tell you what is causing the issue?!
  12. Returned my 4S and Cancelled my order for another one

    No problems with the Turbo yet, 1,000 miles in. I had a Panamera that had a GPS issue that was never fixed after many many visits. These small issues niggle at you over time but ultimately that Panamera was the best car I had owned. TBC if the Taycan overtakes it.
  13. Dealer wants to contribute £500 to spec the sunroof

    Love the sunroof...FREE MONEY and more headroom. Take it!
  14. Need help checking my order

    I would keep the ambient lighting - makes you smile every night. I like my dark silver but agree that it could be trimmed. Otherwise agree with the above.
  15. Charges for 1:15 then stops and gives me 140 miles

    Mine did something similar but I was not using a Porsche cable. Changed cable and now charges faster and gets to 100%
  16. Battery not providing proper range?

    First EV I have driven that UNDER estimates actual range. Also based on so many factors - try not to stress, it is what it is.
  17. UK Taycan Insurance (30M)

    Occupation it is then!
  18. I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Whilst you blast past them having spent a fraction of the $ on getting from A to B.
  19. UK Taycan Insurance (30M)

    Location and occupation. My stunt man friend has a horrible time getting insured! Mine is circa ÂŁ600 with Admiral as 38 year old professional. Some benefit to being boring!
  20. Ordering question

    the car has a pre-heat function, so the wheel will be warm enough when needed! Try not to stress about it!