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  1. notsofast

    Clear Side Markers, Color Center Caps, Rubber Mats

    I'll take the center caps if they are still unsold.
  2. notsofast

    New recall on Taycans: ANA6 center/passenger displays and control panel do not start, RTV flickering image

    Interesting, does not show for my 2020 car even though the software version should be covered. In fairness though I have never experienced the issue with the backup camera.
  3. notsofast

    How Long Will a Porsche Taycan Last? (14 Important Facts)

    It might depend on which state you buy it in. IIRC CA requires longer warranties on EV batteries than is standard from most vendors.
  4. notsofast

    FEELER: 21" Vossen HF-5 | 21x9.5, 21x11.5 | Gloss Black

    Do the rears stick out a little bit or is that just an optical illusion?
  5. notsofast

    Taycan Base vs. Turbo S - my review

    Can I just say you made my day. Very much mirrors my experience.
  6. notsofast

    Supply Cable for NEMA 6-30 Electrical Socket

    Best I can tell the 6-30 cable is currently unobtainable. You can order a 14-30 but all the above on cost effectiveness still applies.
  7. notsofast

    My Porsche App 4.0 is out for iPhone

    Also the issue where charging being on hold shows as a charge error in the app has been fixed. Applied charging profile/timer now shows as well. Solid upgrade on the charging side.
  8. notsofast

    PCM 6.0 update notice coming for 2020-2021 models over next 30 days

    Every once in a while I think I am going to go work there and fix this shit and then I remember what it's like to work in a shop that puts out software like this …
  9. notsofast

    I may have accidentally stumbled upon the reason the car sometimes charges to another value other than programmed …

    Yep, this had me stumped for quite a while. The UI could make this a lot easier to discover.
  10. notsofast

    taking an EV from Denver, CO to Emeryville, CA

    I don't know about the smoothness, the throttle on a typical diesel locomotive only has 8 notches. Imagine driving a Taycan with a go-pedal like that ;)
  11. notsofast

    EA charging

    This sounds about right to me. You should see about 100kW if you plug in at 5x%
  12. notsofast

    Taycans affected by WME3 will NOT be retrofitted with an electronic steering column adjustment

    Am I the only one here that thinks that the correct term should be electric steering column adjustment? Thanks for listening, I will see myself out.
  13. notsofast

    Graph showing how charging rate deteriorates depending on battery charge level?

    Note that the graph (charging curve) depends on initial SOC. You will experience higher charging curves at lower initial SOC. I.e. plugging in at 10% will result in a higher charge rate at say 45% SOC than plugging in at 30%. On a 350kW charger the difference in this example is roughly 260kW vs...
  14. notsofast

    Finally after almost a year my pretty high specced Turbo S CT has been delivered

    Innodrive is both pretty amazing and entirely useless in California and surrounding states as it insists on driving *exactly* the speed limit*, there is no way to specify an offset. *) it goes without saying that I do that myself as well ;)
  15. notsofast

    Bay Area to Yosemite

    In my experience ABRP seems to be too conservative when using the defaults for Taycan, it does take elevation into account though. So does the Porsche app best I can tell. In my experience the in car nav will be the most precise in predicting charge levels and stops (unfortunately it has a habit...
  16. notsofast

    Deciding if it's worth buying a 2020 Turbo S. HELP

    I am a little confused, you say the car has a clean title so it wasn't a lemon from new, right? Have you looked at the service history? Anything stands out there? The car made it to 8k miles so I would say it's likely not a lemon in the original sense.
  17. notsofast

    Porsche production stopping - March.

    Ocean campfire, what's the option code for that?
  18. notsofast

    Another SF Bay Area (Menlo Park) to LA (Monterey Park) trip report

    FWIW, I got 250kW+ there just recently.
  19. notsofast

    I'm the idiot whose Taycan was towed after running the SOC to 0%

    This is the main reason I use the built in NAV, the range estimation with the NAV is usually very good as it takes elevation changes into account. Having somewhat exact range estimation also allows you to notice your are cutting it close while you can still do something (Range mode, speed, heat...
  20. notsofast

    Interview with EA Sr director Robert Barrosa

    I was struggling with this as well and it took me a long time to understand what is going on. The thing that is important to understand and also highly unintuitive is that the charging curve depends on initial SOC when plugging in. In my experience the Taycan easily and consistently meets the...