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  1. GTS (USA) – my thoughts after 10 days

    I was pleasantly surprised that my dealer switched out the amber for clear markers. I was going to order them myself but did not get around to it. When I picked up the car they had already done it. They also handled the PPF. They outsource to a reputable local company. I also did not have to...
  2. Retrofit Macan Camera?

    Moving from an Audi A4 to the Taycan camera was a huge shock to me. I thought it was so bad. It was really hard to back it into my tight garage etc. Somehow it was in the Panorama view and once I selected the Parking view it was so much better. Parking Switch view by tapping the front or...
  3. Show your home charging setup for your Taycan

    ChargePoint Home Flex NEMA 6-50.
  4. Am I overpaying?! 😫

    You are paying $2k plus 5k miles to get a car today vs a year from now (maybe). Given everything the price is not terrible. I got my allocation at MSRP but I have heard of markups for some dealers for those too. This is a personal choice. For me paying this much for a car is new and I wanted to...
  5. Over MSRP

    Just picked up my 4S, ordered in November, finalized in December. No markup. No deposit needed. First time Porsche buyer.
  6. Dealing with the front license plate

    The plan is to have this in my trunk. Only use if needed (inspection, or to maybe get out of a ticket).
  7. Dealing with the front license plate

    Another endorsement for STO N SHO here. Based on a few threads on here I ordered one and I installed it this weekend. So easy. Took maybe 10mins. Feels solid, looks as good as a front plate can look and really simple to pop in and out. All for about $100.
  8. Front Plate Solutions

    Based on a few threads on here I ordered the STO N SHO. I installed it this weekend. So easy. Took maybe 10mins. Feels solid, looks as good as a front plate can look and really simple to pop in and out. All for about $100.
  9. Front plate

    installed mine this week. So easy to install, looks great, and trivial to use. Thanks for the recommendation.
  10. My Mamba Green 4S finally made it here...

    Did you ever figure out the homelink issue? The instructions did not work for me. In the end I looked at my Liftmaster's instructions and noticed that I had to press a button on the back of the unit itself and then had 30s to send the signal from the car. Basically, follow the instructions...
  11. MSRP Dealers (selling Taycan with no price mark-up)

    Just picked up my 4S from Porsche Westwood for MSRP. I was impressed with how laid back the whole process was. No pressure. Once I was ready to commit I got an allocation a month later. This is my first Porsche too. Maybe I got lucky. --- Edit --- Additional Info about Westwood Porsche --- I...
  12. Best route planner for “arrival state of charge” ?

    The iOS app has ‘advanced settings’ and if you enable those you can select the SOC for destination under Battery.
  13. Anyone in Austin waiting for the RCC Prestige to unload?

    My car was on that ship when it landed in RI on the March 2nd. No update until it then arrived at the dealer in MA on the 11th. You might have a similar timeline.
  14. Front plate

    Hi folks, I know there are a number of threads on the forum about front plat options but I am curious what folks are doing in MA For their front plate?
  15. Taycan 4S Build - or jump to GTS?

    If this is going to be a daily driver I am not sure you will need anything the GTS gives you (other than potential resale value). I built and rebuilt so many GTS and 4S versions so many times and the difference in price was not worth it for what I am going to use my car for. I added a lot of...
  16. Taycan 4S Build - or jump to GTS?

    I would add ‘Wheel Center Caps with Coloured Porsche Crest’ under wheel accessories. It is only CA$220 and makes a big difference IMO
  17. Amount/quality of leather in Taycan

    I changed my mind again and I added back the leather after seeing the difference in person. Almost paid for the deviated stitching too but that is just nuts pricing so passed on it. I still kept the Race-Tex.
  18. Amount/quality of leather in Taycan

    Instead of the full leather option, I am adding the Roof Lining and B-Pillar Trims in Race-Tex for $2370. Much better value than the $4310 for the full leather and gives the car a luxury feel.