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  1. gnop1950

    Tesla Responsible for 70% of Driver Assist Crashes

    Tesla Responsible for 70% of Driver Assist Crashes while Tesla has more EVs on the road than anyone, still, the article found that the rate per 1000 vehicles was higher than competitors. That may, at least partially, be because of the way Tesla has promoted "Self-Driving" technology. Personally...
  2. gnop1950

    OTA 2 May

    I just installed 2 OTA updates one was for the GUI and was dated 2 May (although it just showed up). It went pretty seamlessly. I did have to reactivate Carplay and I noticed that the passenger display seems to be always on now. I haven't driven the car since the update it is in my garage...
  3. gnop1950

    Porsche Wall Charger Connect

    I installed a Porsche Wall Charger Connect some time ago in anticipation of the arrival of my new Taycan. The car was delivered on 7 May. Also like a number of other folks I had the dreaded certificate not valid error. Nothing I did would clear the error. I'm happy to report that they finally...
  4. gnop1950

    April 2022 Deliveries

    My car is finally on the way to Emden so thought it was time for an April delivery thread. Ice Grey Taycan 4S, Porsche Code: PNJ1AS20 10/25/2021 - Deposit placed and allocation received 12/22/2021 - Change Freeze point reached. There were several delays and earlier freeze points but this was...
  5. gnop1950

    Mach-E I found this interesting. I actually don't mind the looks of the Mach-E. I wouldn't get one in lieu of my Taycan, but I like the looks overall, but not so much the interior and there are pretty...
  6. gnop1950

    Porsche Wall Charger Connect Requirements

    I purchased the Porsche Wall Charger Connect and will be having it installed in preparation for the delivery of my Taycan 4s. I still have some time to modify my order. Is there any specific package I'll need to get the full 19.2kw charging rate?