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    We don’t, but going on Porsche’s track record with previous models, it’ll likely be MY25.
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    I’d like to see the HUD integrated into the dashboards design properly so it looks slick. At the moment it looks like a total afterthought. Like with the new Mercs, some kind of augmented reality HUD nav would be welcomed. As I’ve mentioned in previous threads, I’d love to see the option of a...
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    Electric folding mirrors as standard. 🤷‍♂️
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    Critique My Build - New GTS Sedan

    From a colour perspective, it's a bit dark, on dark, on dark. Would be better with a bit of contrast somewhere. If you go with a dark colour on the outside, I'd change the inside to be more colourful, for example, bordeaux red interior would work great. If you have your mind set on the black...
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    Base Taycan is best - Road & Track review

    High performance RWD doesn't really make too much sense on a 4-door family saloon / wagon. I agree with RAHRCR, they're probably saving it for a 2-door sports model, be it an EV Boxster or 911. Have that differentiation between product lines.
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    GTS Orders UK

    Each to their own, but you are limiting the charging on DC (ie. most public chargers in the UK) to only 50kw. For context, if you pulled into a service station and wanted to top up from 20% to 80%, it would take 40 - 50 mins, instead of 20 mins. You're leasing (or buying) a £100k+ car, but you...
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    Park in the garage?

    Park it next to the Maserati. In the unfortunate event of a fire, it'll act as a safety buffer by depreciating far faster than the fire can consume it. 😄
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    UK Insurance - Company Car

    Move out of London...? Apologies, couldn't resist! Have you given Admiral a phone call yet? If so, what are they quoting to renew? I got an online quote from Admiral a few weeks ago (not for a Taycan), and they were showing up just fine on Compare the Market.
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    Dealer freebies and discounts?

    Fixed that for you! 😄
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    Base Taycan is best - Road & Track review

    So what have we learned from these videos and this thread so far? It’s all incredibly subjective. If you’re happy with your Taycan, then that’s the right one for you.
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    PPF coverage

    How long with you be keeping the car for? I was quoted around £4k to PPF the entire car, but if I'm only keeping it for a couple of years then it's a bit of a waste over doing a race / track pack PPF (front, wing mirrors.etc). If you plan on keeping it for 5 years or more, then I'd go full.
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    UK Insurance - Company Car

    Did PVTS+ bring down the price at all? When I got a quote from Admiral a few months ago, I asked about tracking, but it didn't make any difference.
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    Dealer freebies and discounts?

    Probably not, as they’ll make more money if you use Porsche Finance.
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    Dealer freebies and discounts?

    You *might* get a free can of diet coke if you play your cards right.
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    Taycan Factory Tour

    There is a strong possibility you might see my GTS on the production line! :giggle:
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    Nuts delivery estimate

    On the plus side, we aren’t charged crazy dealer mark ups on a build allocation!
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    Allocation! Build Review

    Absolutely. The trick is to test drive both with and without (if possible). It’s a good car without it, but it’s a *great* car with it.
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    Allocation! Build Review

    You're in the UK, too. With our tight roads and car parks, it'll really be a huge advantage given the length of the car. It also (according to my SA) improves the overall handling of the car. I'm sure the car is totally fine without it, but I'd highly recommend speccing it. A good number of the...
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    6th on the list at my OPC for my GTS ST - how long to wait and what to do?

    How many GTS ST allocations has your OPC had since it’s launch? Use that number to get a rough idea of how long your wait will be.
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    Glacier blue Porsche logo

    As somebody who makes a living in an aesthetics driven industry, the sales guy is wrong.