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  1. Abe

    GTS (USA) – my thoughts after 10 days

    This is funny to me because in my country those come standard on every Taycan with no option in the configurator to remove them. I had my ppf installer remove them.
  2. Abe

    Anyone stuck at ORDER FREEZE status since April 1st week ?

    I'm not too sure about this. I ordered mine from the Sharjah branch (same dealership as Dubai) and it took about 6 months to get delivered. Ordered in November and arrived two weeks ago. When I went to pick her up the salesman said I was fortunate to order it when I did as new orders are...
  3. Abe

    How long are you planning to keep your Taycan?

    My Jaguar has been with me for 8 years now and I'm keeping it for 2 more years at least. So I'm hoping the Taycan will last just as much. (I voted 7-8 years)
  4. Abe

    Members Say Hello Here!

    Hello! I've been lurking around these forums since November when I put down my deposit for a 4S. Finally decided to create an account today (to reply to one particular thread ?). Production on my car should start some time this month. I'm going to check with the dealership soon and hope for no...
  5. Abe

    My Views After Test Driving RWD & 4S Both today!

    From this comment alone I can safely say that the Taycan is not for you. I won't repeat what everyone else already said, but I would highly suggest that you check out the Merc EQS before committing. I think you would like it a lot more than the Taycan.