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  1. Carbon Fiber Front lip and side skirts

    I really want to have these - i have plat i black but would love to have the front lip and side skirts in Carbon Fiber. So far the only option seems suncoast - expensive. Any suggestions otherwise ? Can I use the suncoast set without actually using the sport design bumper ...
  2. DashCam and WiFi

    I’m going to install the BlackVue 900X Plus. Here are 3 specific questions - please help. I didn’t really get a clear answer from the installer. The main reason to get this is the parking mode and I feel the car might be mishandled in the garage. I usually drive on weekends so I want the parking...
  3. Dashcam

    After the series of accidents in the parking lot, I’m thinking to get a dashcam installed. Seems like i should go for BlackVue 9000 (front and rear). Anyone has other suggestions ? Is the interior camera of any use if someone scratches/dents your car’s doors ? I see most cameras can cover front...
  4. damaged PPF

    this is my first car with PPF. I just noticed this on my door (passenger side - back door). I can’t quite figure how this happened. Could it be a stone while driving or someone putting in their key in anger ? Parking garage is trying to check all cameras but i’m just surprised, how it happened...
  5. Garage dented rim and chipped wheel

    Hi, my garage in NYC hit the tire on the curb. So now I have a dented rim and the wheel is chipped off. It’s not a flat tire - yet. I have the wheel and Tire insurance from Porsche, so can get this fix. What do you recommend ? Tire needs to be fixed ? what should I tell Porsche - is curbside...
  6. 4 seats -> 5 seats

    I have the 2 seat configurations in my car as it looked better than the 2+1 seat. But now, I have family visiting where a middle seat would be great. Has anyone tried anything to do so. Any kind of cover, etc that would help ?
  7. FOD / missing options

    I got my car mid Jan and at that time, I saw the functions available on porsche connect / my porsche. Now, since mid Feb - I do not see them. My dealer doesn’t has a clue. FOD (Functions on Demand) are missing from my Porsche Connect Store. There is no option for Innodrive, ALK or Porsche...
  8. Flat Tire Disaster / Taycan 4S / NY

    Last night, I experienced a flat tire on my relatively new (600mile driven) Taycan 4S. Learning experience - here. Any do’s and don’t for another time ? I did lose an entire day so hopefully I can find a way to avoid this. Time: 1:15am Location: New Jersey, right before entering tunnel for New...
  9. Setting up electrify america?

    Hi How do I set up electrify america. The car comes with the 3 year plan but I don’t have an activation code. Can someone please help. Thanks !!!
  10. Porsche Connect Store missing route planner and some other options?

    I wanted to get the route planner and some other options, but i don’t see them available on the porsche connect store, any more. Is that a glitch ?
  11. Suggestions : Carbon fiber / HGB

    Finally, I get to keep my car. Just got back from a long work trip and can’t wait to enjoy with the Taycan 4S. There are a few mods I want to do. I love the carbon fiber front lip and side skirts but i don’t like the sports look. The only way to get that through Porsches was the $10k sports...
  12. Bose to Burmester

    Can you upgrade later ? I already have my car but would like to switch. I don’t think it’s possible but still thought to ask on the forum.
  13. Taycan 4S (for possible sale)

    I am considering a move and recently took the delivery of my Taycan 4S - advance spec’d with PPF and ceramic. I’ve had it for a month and it has around 400 miles on it. I’m considering my options. Should I sell ? And if so, best way to go about selling. (based in NY) White Carrera w/ Mission E...
  14. OEM carbon fiber front lip for the Taycan?

    Does anyone know if I can just get the front lower lip for the Taycan in carbon fiber. Suncoast sells the whole carbon fiber aero kit for $9k.
  15. Trunk stuck

    I was closing my car trunk through the remote when another person, force closed it. It went half way and then he stopped. then it wouldn’t close. So i opened it through the remote and closed it. But now everytime I open, I can’t close through the remote key. I can through the button inside but...
  16. Anyone install Techart parts for Taycan?

    Anyone tried this: comments ? I just want the carbon fiber front and side. skirts, no sports design kit and rear stuff, but suncoast and porsche both do the whole set for 9k !
  17. How can I access OTA ?

    I wanted to get the range manager OTA, but just don't seem to see an option
  18. Never charge to 100% ?

    should i never charge to 100% ? The way to set up at 85% is to change in profile to 85% ? How about temperature - Just chatting overnight on a DC in the parking lot.
  19. Cleaning questions ?

    I’ve never cleaned cars and haven’t owned one for a decade, since I moved to NYC. So I feel I have a lot of anxiety regarding it - more than ev charging! So sorry for the barrage of Q’s but I see a lot of enthusiasts here who go the extra miles to maintain their cars. The people i know either go...
  20. PPF details & Washing after Ceramic Xpel Fusion

    Hi All, I finally got my car back from the ‘Detailer’ in New York. It was recommended by Xpel. Car looks wonderful - though I have a few questions. I inspected the car and tried to make sure there were no areas I would later have issues with. A few issues I had were that the film was hand cut...