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  1. mutanthands

    Rear typography opinion poll

    Hey collective team! I had this idea a while ago to simplify the typography on the back of the GTS, paying homage to the GT3 / GT4 style rear. What’s your opinion?
  2. mutanthands

    Side Window tint question (UK)

    Does anyone know if the front side windows on the Taycan are already at the max legal UK tint limit (70% visible light)?
  3. mutanthands

    Can't decide on a colour for your Taycan?

    Simple, pick all of them! Love this collaboration between artist Sean Wotherspoon and Porsche. You can see more photos here.
  4. mutanthands

    No more PCCB on configurator unless Turbo S?

    Casually playing around in the UK configurator when I noticed that the option to spec PCCB seems to have disappeared for all but Turbo S trim. Has anyone else noticed this? Are they trying to further differentiate between trim levels, or just supply issues? Now all other trims seem to max out at...