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  1. Nevadagame

    Dealer is ready to submit my build, if you've received your Taycan, what do you think?

    I can explain to what a “sure thing” is, meet me at the horse track, bring the rent money and I’ll demonstrate the concept of sure thing.
  2. Nevadagame

    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    I’m wondering if the cause is found to be a fault in the cars systems or battery, wouldn’t the owner be entitled to have the whole car replaced under the new car warranty? it makes sense to me that the car is now broken, and the warranty or to fix it.
  3. Nevadagame

    Jay Leno's Garage features the Taycan Turbo S

    I don’t think anyone on this forum is a high paid professional entertainer who’s job is to be enthusiastic, and entertaining either.
  4. Nevadagame

    Jay Leno's Garage features the Taycan Turbo S

    Wow, I didn’t think it was possible to take such an incredible exciting car and make it seem so dull, listening to that interview felt like attending a mandatory seventh grade science lecture by a teacher who is clearly tired of his job.
  5. Nevadagame

    Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Thanks, I was 20 in 1967 and we had an “escape from Evanston Illinois block party” and everyone painted it. Ahh to be young and crazy! Savor every day and have a great drive, take your time! Congratulations!
  6. Nevadagame

    Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    The summers of 1967 and 1968 my girl friend and I lived on the beach on the west side of Vancouver island, near Tufino in huts built out of driftwood. This was my car then. I just hope my Taycan Turbo will be nearly as much fun
  7. Nevadagame

    Impact of Taycan on equilibrium-is it just us?

    My wife and I test drove the turbo s and mostly drove with “typical sports car style” but of course tried two or three hard accelerations. I experienced noticeable equilibrium discomfort for a couple of hours, but my wife felt unpleasant effects (she was in the back seat) for almost 24 hours...
  8. Nevadagame

    Looks like a fun test ride

    I just got back from my turbo s test drive ( Denver) and I’m still a little sick feeling. It’s no joke, full acceleration is a bit too much for me if done more than a couple of times. I’m glad I’m getting the turbo. The S is too much for my delicate head.
  9. Nevadagame

    Route Planning on Porsche website

    If you’ve ever driven through Colorado and Utah you would understand that The roads are as beautiful as they are challenging, there are several 4 to 5000 foot elevation climbs and descents, and the scenery vacillates from looking like you’re on the moon to looking like you’re in an old Western...
  10. Nevadagame

    Route Planning on Porsche website

    The PlugShare map, does have a lot of charging stations illustrated, but many of them are tesla only, and many of them are 7 kW or even wall plugs, there are a few 50 KW stations in places like KOA Campground trailer spots. As for the maps/charts that show routes through the mountains of...
  11. Nevadagame

    Route Planning on Porsche website

    Thanks for the suggestion, but here is what it said ( note the red area is the 235 mile stretch that the Taycan won’t do and there are no alternative suggestions. Guess for now I’m stuck at the western edge of Colorado.
  12. Nevadagame

    Route Planning on Porsche website

    I live in Colorado and their is currently no way to drive I 70, the only east west way to get west of Colorado, The last usable charging station is in grand junction, near the western border of Colorado, and the next usable charging station is in Richfield Utah, approximately 235 miles away. The...
  13. Nevadagame

    Is Your Dealer Showing You The Love?

    I got a “Taycan” wireless iPhone charger today!
  14. Nevadagame

    So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    I live in Boulder and have the same concerns. I’m getting a Turbo. If you’re going into the mountains, You can charge in Silverthorne and glenwood springs. After that you can get to grand junction but no farther west. The next station is 230 miles away in Richfield Utah. And you better hope...
  15. Nevadagame

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Perfect, thank you, I almost bought a charger box for my garage, now all I need is the 240v 50 amp 14-50 outlet?
  16. Nevadagame

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Can anyone tell me, what exactly do you get with Porsche mobile connect, is it a 220 charger that will supply the car with somewhere near 11 KW?
  17. Nevadagame

    Taycan residuals and MF

    Those percentages are slightly better than my Porsche dealer quoted me, and please don’t forget the money value number, which translate to interest, was also very very high translating to an interest rate of over 8%. If you put that interest rate down to the three or 4% where it should be the...
  18. Nevadagame

    2020 Porsche Taycan: Official Specs, Info, Wallpapers, Videos

    Thanks for the reply, for what it’s worth, I placed my order the first day deposits were being accepted and currently have an allocation with a March build date for a turbo. Ironically in January 2014 I also ordered a C8 which will be delivered to me in the very first shipment delivered to the...
  19. Nevadagame

    EPA Taycan Turbo

    On the bright side, you did get the unadvertised innovation of “foot garages”. You know, those two large holes in the battery where 50 miles of range could have gone.