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  1. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Apparently, Customers with actual Turbo S orders are a bit rare. (Customer Spec'ed allocations as opposed to pre-config dealer launch vehicles). Another Rennlist Forum member suggested I post my order info here: Config: Here is the schedule: None of these...
  2. Taycan App?

    Please... NO. MORE. APPS!
  3. US allocations ?

    Well, just because I'm the first at MY dealer doesn't mean there aren't a bunch of other folks ahead of me from OTHER dealers... ...and they did say they had to trade for the TurboS allocation. So that means allocations are being issued to some dealers and not others. Who ever REALLY knows...
  4. US allocations ?

    Yes they are! I FINALLY got my TurboS allocation on Dec 3 (my dealers first and only and they had to trade for it I'm told) - and even with that, the delivery is not until July!
  5. US allocations ?

    I'm curious if anyone has a (USA) TurboS customer order/allocation (NOT a Launch Vehicle) with a delivery date prior to July? I'm just trying to get some insight into the build process for that particular model... IOW: Are ALL (US) customer TurboS orders that far out? Are they only building...
  6. US allocations ?

    No, I get it (and thank you). My point is that folks can't actually GET any dates unless they are in the system with actual V Codes (at V200 or better). To imply that they "were not actually be in the Porsche system with a V200 Status" would be to imply that they were lying or fabricating...
  7. US allocations ?

    Well... If you cared to take a look over on Rennlist you would see the posting I referred to also has the codes (if that is what "floats your boat"). That posting is currently "in production" with a code of V260. I'm not going to relist that other posting here as that is not my data and not...
  8. US allocations ?

    BTW - There is also a list of coded dates for a Turbo order over on Rennlist (with a MUCH earlier delivery = Early Feb)!
  9. US allocations ?

    FYI (More info): Here's the complete set of milestones for my TurboS as presented in my allocation. Note that the order doesn't become "fixed" until April 10! V200 Delivery date determined 12/03/2019 (actual) V250 Vehicle fixed 04/10/2020 V260 Vehicle entry to body shop (CP 0.0) 05/01/2020...
  10. US allocations ?

    FYI, Just got a call from my Sales Rep. Looks like my TurboS allocation finally came through! Although it is scheduled for a JULY DELIVERY, at least I'm "in the pipe" now... :-)
  11. Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    Funny how Tesla is getting the job done and selling cars though (unlike all your other OEM, inc Porsche...)
  12. Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    I recognize your sarcasm, and I agree with you. The KWH rating of a battery reflects how much power it can hold. Basically: A 93 KWH battery can put out 93 KW for 1 Hour, 1 KW for 93 KW Hours, or some multiple in between. A 93 KWH battery can do approximately 9% more work than an 85 KWH...
  13. Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    "Sold Out"? They haven't sold $hit! In order to be "Sold Out" you actually have to have SOLD something. They can't even begin to SELL anything until they release some ALLOCATIONS. All they "have" right now is a bunch of deposit holders WAITING for allocations. So, NO, they aren't SOLD OUT...
  14. US allocations ?

    Its kinda hard to be sold out of ANYTHING if they haven't released the associated allocations. I believe a more accurate statement might be that they have enough deposit holders to take the first years worth of production. I have also heard that they have reserved a booth at Applebees for a...
  15. Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    Porsche needs to spend more effort in actually MAKING the cars and less time advertising something they can't seem to deliver... $0.02

    No cars, No PEC... So what's the loss, exactly?
  17. 8 - 10 Weeks delay

    I'm beginning to think the TurboS is a car which was only built for journalists...
  18. 8 - 10 Weeks delay

    Again... How is this about TESLA?
  19. 8 - 10 Weeks delay

    You have a "TurboS" on order? In the US? Is this a "Demand Order" (V070) or an ACTUAL order matched with an allocation?
  20. 8 - 10 Weeks delay

    Funny how it is Porsche which is having issues here and it somehow STILL comes back to bashing Telsla. The Porsche forums "hate" Tesla. The BMW forums "hate" Tesla. Pretty much everybody hates Tesla. ICE drivers hate EV's and so on... I guess if they weren't such a dominant and disrupting...