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  1. [Car and Driver Review] Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs. Tesla Model S Performance: Electric Flattery

    no,, this is not correct, re- read the article. They ran both cars at 75 miles an hour for 100 miles To determine efficiency, it was not based on tesla having 95 kWh where Taycan uses only 83kWh. It was based on 75 mph for 100 miles. And this is where Porsche would do better, vs. at 55 mph.
  2. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    you made my day with this post. I cannot stop laughing! Thanks.
  3. Owner Discusses Taycan Range, Battery Longevity, Charging and Related Concerns

    I think this give us some good range information from a very reputable source: Taycan Turbo gets 20% better than official EPA mileage on 436 mile road trip
  4. My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    I read earlier in this thread where someone asked about having the Range Monitor. This software should be standard and not a $300 option as this feature, if it does what it is supposed to do, is crucial and should be integrated into any EV. This is what seperates a car from a toy or compliance...
  5. Looks like a fun test ride

    two hands on the wheel!
  6. Lucid Motors

    Vaporware. They have been in financial trouble for many years and have been promising a car since 2014/2015. They had a nice prototype, but that is it. They cut personnel and have been having a tough time getting additional funding to start production
  7. GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    I agree with you, but, I do want the option to optimize the battery and I think the only way to do this is with Sport Plus with the Sport Chrono option. Is there another way?
  8. Taycan 4s April delivery

    just talked to my dealer today. My salesperson told me that I need to have final confirmation by January 21to make sure my build date stays in February with a hopeful delivery for late April. Mine is a 4S, Gentian Blue with Red leather interior. Right now, with the options I have chosen, I...
  9. Taycan Range Estimator based on WLTP like figures for USA

    people should talk with an actual Tesla owner. I have 3 Tesla’s and have received over the air updates all the time with Not one problem. In fact, the car always improves, whether it be features, improvements, increased range or acceleration. Who ever is complaining is probably not a real owner.
  10. AMCI & EPA Taycan Turbo Range results

    Posting here as well for those that think range and being able to use “ electrify America” will help: Audi etron owners are disappointed, as usual, media doesn’t want to bash their paying advertisers: Audi e-tron Owner May Wish He'd Chosen A Tesla Due To Charging Issues Here’s a link to the...
  11. So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    We should also consider the following as we might think range is not so important because of this so called “ electrify America” answer: Audi etron owners are disappointed, as usual, media doesn’t want to bash their paying advertisers: Audi e-tron Owner May Wish He'd Chosen A Tesla Due To...
  12. So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    I have ordered my Taycan 4S but I am disappointed in the range. I do have multiple cars, so I could always switch off, but, you drive a Porsche for the DRIVE, and to have a limited range knowing that the harder you drive/enjoy the car, the more often you have to stop. You just have to plan and...
  13. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I was just told last week that my Taycan 4S will be pushed back one month. So, now, instead of a February build date and a April Delivery date, I was told a May delivery date.
  14. Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    Wait, were you the person agreeing with Kyrie Irving that the earth is flat? Please bring actual facts to this forum and not alternative facts. Tesla, their battery technology and their supercharger network, as of today, is the best of any OEM manufacturer. In fact, if VW did not get caught...
  15. When do the Turbo / Turbo S’s Showroom cars arrive at dealership?

    My dealer just emailed me on Friday and stated that my Dec. 8th deadline for any changes to my build has been moved to Jan. 13th. He originally told me my Taycan would be built in Feb. and delivered in April. Now, I am guessing with a month final build moved to Jan., My delivery will be moved...
  16. Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    I agree that Porsche is Porsche and that is why I have owned 5 Porsche’s in my life, However, the FACTS are that Porsche Battery technology is 7 years behind Tesla and it shows in their Taycan. To get 200 miles out of of their best battery which is 93 kWh, where Tesla’s 85 kWh from2012 is...
  17. Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    crazy that they are supposedly sold out with over 20k orders yet they are spending money on a super bowl ad. Wow, they have nothing on Tesla. I have my order in for the Taycan, but you have to question why they would need to advertise, especially during one of the times when the cost for an ad...
  18. US allocations ?

    Not sure the sales manager won the battle as they are not discounting this car, at least for the first year. That story about holding your money was to make you feel better after he declined giving you a discount. Also, I am not sure where you were on the list so unless you were one of the top...
  19. My Spec and a couple of questions

    as stated in this section, if you are tracking your car, rear wheel steering would be good, but I guarantee that 98% of the people buying the Taycan whether it is the Turbo, Turbo S, 4S or base will be driving it on the street and it will be money wasted. Think about before all these extra...
  20. Range

    I did not state that, I stated “Better engineers” and I should add... only focused on BEV’s that have produced more advanced battery technology. Tesla has been at this for 15+ years. But, do I only buy Tesla, No. I can appreciate a good design and a superior interior and that is what I like...