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    0% range left

    Is there a speed limitation in Turtle Mode ?
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    Apple Music trial query UK

    I don’t recall specifically seeing this Redeem code page from Apple. I did the registration to activate the free 6-month trial period of Apple Music directly with the Porsche Pro at dealership during delivery... but what I’m sure is that I used my usual Apple ID that I have had for more than 10...
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    Latest Software Update

    I've experienced it too... Haven't observed a repetitive pattern yet as to why it could occur and under what circumstances. It has happenned randomly so far I would say, and also with the touch of the ''regular'' close button in the rear trunk, not just the ''close and lock button''. No...
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    Did he just say that Porsche was from Munich? ;-)
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    Porsche connect App connection to PCM and server problem

    Hi everyone , It’s been a couple of days that my Porsche Connect App is not showing any information of my car because of a Connection problem to the server and the car. I tried logging off and on a few times. Waiting for the server for maybe reboot in Germany and I made sure my Connect App was...
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    Yet another video showing Taycan beating EPA rated range on the highway and it's not even in summer weather.

    I'm getting between 23-28 kwh/100km on sport-sport mode plus with normal to aggressive driving so far... just hit the 1000km mark. 21'' wheels with 305 tyres seem to add a lot of friction though...
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    Isn't it supposed to be "Hey Porsche"?

    Totally agree. Pretty annoying when having a conversation over the phone or with someone as a passenger. It cuts the music as well. Might just switch it off...
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    Sailing the Goodwood on July 21st.

    Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
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    Swiss Taycan configurator update shows some new options

    Nice indeed, could you post some picture please?
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    Sailing the Goodwood on July 21st.

    All right , that’s what I thought, input cable for standard NEMA 5-15 should be included... Indeed, I didn’t order the Porsche Dock. Thank you very much for your detailed answer !
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    Sailing the Goodwood on July 21st.

    Was just wondering... what came standard in yourcharger ''suitcase'' when you took delivery of the car in Canada? Mine only had the Porsche Mobile charger connect with the 25 foot cable (I had ticked this optional box on the build sheet)with a NEMA-14/50 plug at the end. No other adapter (for...
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    How do you guys drive to get your posted range!?

    I'm quite in the same spot as you... I get 320- 333km for 85-90% (200-210 miles) I'm in sport mode and enjoying the car a lot ! Did 125 miles (200km) today at an average of 26 kWh/100km. HIghway around 130 km/h and a bit of city. air con was set to eco though. I think the 21'' wheels play a...
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    Apple Music trial query UK

    I agree it doesn't work well at all... cuts a lot and you have to re-link the account numerous times...
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    Apple Music trial query UK

    yes it's true at least in Canada. You can reclaim in the Porsche connect app the 6 month trial and then link your car in the app to your Apple music account.
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    Sailing the Goodwood on July 21st.

    Took delivery of mine yesterday and it is honestly a superb (electrical) machine !! the side clear markers were BO so I’ll have to wait a the end of the month to swap them , but this is undoubtedly a really really fun car to drive , and a perfect daily driver ! Hope you get to enjoy yours very...
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    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    As you seem to be located in the UK, there is a thread which details with pictures what you can do to color code your lower front bumper with a thing called PPS (and not PPF). Unfortunately, there are few shops that are to do PPS at the moment...
  17. Tonytones

    Sailing the Goodwood on July 21st.

    I think your estimates are accurate. Mine arrived in Montreal last Friday (28th). Pick up scheduled for Wednesday (September 2nd). Can't wait.... Still a couple of KM to go for you guys, but soon the wait will be over, and fun will begin!!
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    PCM Wouldn’t Accept Password @ Delivery - Bug Found?

    Thanks everyone for your support. Indeed the car was not ''released''yet and the problem with the ''incorrect password'' (which was accurate btw) got solved by itself after a couple of hours , so I suppose the server in Germany was slow to process it... FYI , I was forced to use at least 8...
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    PCM Wouldn’t Accept Password @ Delivery - Bug Found?

    It seems I can't change the password to something simpler because it asks for minimum 8 characters, upper and lower case and a psecial character...
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    Sailing the Goodwood on July 21st.

    Just received an updated Porsche tracking from SA. The status went from Release for transport V810 to Exit port Halifax K001 on August 18th. Dealer invoice created O400 AUgust 18th. Next step is Entry Dealership V900... Was expected to be August 21st, let's hope it's going to be August 28th...