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  1. JamieG

    Mission-E wheels fit Taycan 4S with the standard brakes?

    So am I correct in thinking the OP bought the alloys and put them on some non-Porsche provided wheels? Will have to find out where to buy the alloys from I guess
  2. JamieG

    Mission-E wheels fit Taycan 4S with the standard brakes?

    His response. Seems like the wheels alone are more expensive than the brakes and the wheels from the config?!
  3. JamieG

    Mission-E wheels fit Taycan 4S with the standard brakes?

    How much was the wheels on their own, if you don't mind me asking? And did you get them directly from Porsche? Would like them to fit them upon collection really.
  4. JamieG

    Mission-E wheels fit Taycan 4S with the standard brakes?

    Damn, this has put a spanner in my works. I LOVE those wheels, but am reluctant to pay the £5,100 difference for the wheels and mandatory brakes as seen on the configurator. Will email my dealer now to see if it's possible and feedback here
  5. JamieG

    Porsche x BOSS

    Haha, I'd be emailing my dealer worried if this was the case. Thankfully, I've gone with white!
  6. JamieG

    Porsche x BOSS

    Is that from the Porsche store? I like Boss, but I'm not going to fall for their ploy of sticking the smallest of tags onto a tiny range of their clothes and consider it a collaboration with Porsche!
  7. JamieG

    Porsche x BOSS

    Starting to think tracking cookies are getting way too advanced. Place my order and just received this email from Boss :CWL: Here's a link to the store: Here's a link to the store Does anyone here like to buy Porsche related garments?
  8. JamieG

    Porsche Taycan Turbo S - Special in Racing Yellow

    Bumblebee got an upgrade! :cool:
  9. JamieG

    Panamera v Taycan - the man maths

    On another note, I think these insurance brokers and comparison sites are purposely hiking the prices of electric vehicles. All due to the prospect of autonomous driving and some car manufacturers like Tesla stating that they're so confident in the safety of the self-driving capabilities, that...
  10. JamieG

    Home charging system in Ireland

    I believe Porsche UK has partnered with Andersen for another third-party option. It will be the solution I get installed and IMO looks better than Zappi.
  11. JamieG

    NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    Prefer the Gentian Blue surprisingly. Neptune Blue looks plastic and flat! Was hoping it would look more like this colour on the Panamera:
  12. JamieG

    Panamera v Taycan - the man maths

    It is a lot higher than one would expect. Simply because it's an EV it seems. Mine's £1800/year at 26 with 5 years no claims for a 4S. And as a comparison, my dad has a Panamera Turbo and is getting the Tacan Turbo S which causes his insurance cost to double.
  13. JamieG

    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    Thanks! Not bad for a 26-year old :p
  14. JamieG

    Must have UK options

    No, he's talking about a different grant I believe as my dad is also expecting it for his delivery in a months time. It's a grant the UK gov have since pulled. They gave a 6 month grace period on those people who had ordered an EV so they could make use of it. I believe it runs out in about...
  15. JamieG

    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    Haha sorry, I meant I ever so slightly applied the breaks and it would have a much bigger impact in braking. e.g. on my Velar, I have about a 10% cushion when breaking before I can even feel anything. That 10% pressure on the Taycan would bring me to an immediate stop :CWL:
  16. JamieG

    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    Its interesting to hear how other people fare with the brakes on the Taycan. Coming from a very small history of cars (Ford Focus and RR Velar), one of the most hardest things for me to get used to whilst on my test drive was the brakes. On my past cars I had a little cushion before I’d feel any...
  17. JamieG

    Swiss Taycan configurator update shows some new options

    Some of the new options in the UK Configurator
  18. JamieG

    Options cut off period.

    If your current ETA is before the new year then stick to it. Depending on the Brexit deal you could end up paying Porsche’s 10% import fees
  19. JamieG

    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Am I correct in thinking that US cars have this light in orange, but UK have it in a clear colour? If so, the UK has finally done something right! :D