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  1. Gubbjaevel

    Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    Yes, absolutely. As for this hypothetical discussion, I therefore limited the max effect to that of 570 which is the max effect of the 4S motors combined already. Might be a potential to tune them further, but that's at least beyone the scope of this discussion. Good. Love it. Let's get...
  2. Gubbjaevel

    Taycan 4S tuning - hypothetically

    Gents, I know it isn't going to happen this year, but perhaps next? Facts (ish): 1) 4S+ has 490hp constant, 570hp on Launch control for a few seconds. 2) T has 625 hp constant, 680 hp on Launch control for a few seconds. Assumptions: 1 ) The wiring will be the same for all cars (4S, T, TS)...
  3. Gubbjaevel

    Porsche Taycan Turbo S - Special in Racing Yellow

    Haha!! My thought exactly! Have a personalized plate as well: "BUMBLB" and you're good to go! :)
  4. Gubbjaevel

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Do you have info info, idea or thought on when Porsche will release their Function on Demand? Specifically the Active Lane Keeping - which I was told by my sales rep would be included in my set up. (but wasn't). I have asked the connect support but got a generic reply.
  5. Gubbjaevel

    OTA updates now available?

    Interesting indeed! I can see the UI is updated, logon procedure updated. I have OTA activated, apparently. (Haven't tried as I am currently offshore)
  6. Gubbjaevel

    Isn't it supposed to be "Hey Porsche"?

    Same. Turned off. (Still have the button on the wheel). I went into the store to get something, and apparently my wife had activated it. She had just talked to the kids in the back and the car said "what can I help you with?". Wife quickly replied "You can't help me with anything!". Car...
  7. Gubbjaevel

    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    240V 3phase 16A installed. Just using a small amount. (11kW). But way enough for me anyway. Should I wish to use all juice I have to upgrade the service agreement to higher Amp fuses. Just out of curiosity: Is 3-phase not a "thing" in american/uk households?
  8. Gubbjaevel

    Rear Light bar - keeping it on without having the headlights on

    I'm sure coding apps will take some time. Have good experience from VCDS for Audis.
  9. Gubbjaevel

    Storage space under centre console

    Could someone without the storage package pls measure the size of the area? [I'm currently away from my beloved for 2 weeks]
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    Let's keep this thread on topic, pls.
  11. Gubbjaevel

    Functions on Demand (FoD) - when will it become available?

    Yeah I believe it has been available since April... Specifically I'm interested in the active lane keeping.
  12. Gubbjaevel

    How good is your heated steering wheel!?

    Mine's good. Have nothing to compare with, but I'm happy with it.
  13. Gubbjaevel

    Why are my settings not all being stored in Driving Modes?

    I know, but I'd want to save different regen settings for different modes. Or in individual.
  14. Gubbjaevel

    Why are my settings not all being stored in Driving Modes?

    Agree it is annoying. Hopefully it can (easily) be rectified in a future update. Strange as well that you cannot save regen, not even in individual. Car is fantastic. Software has a long way to go.
  15. Gubbjaevel

    Functions on Demand (FoD) - when will it become available?

    Ladies and Gents, Anyone heard anything / gotten any indication on when the FoD will become available in our cars?
  16. Gubbjaevel


    Gents, Any thoughts on if and when Porsche would release a convertible version of the Taycan? Would there be a market for it?
  17. Gubbjaevel

    Yellow... YELLOW TAYCAN?!!?

    You know what they say... when life gives you lemons... you gotta have a friend with tequila! I think it's great! Well done and enjoy!
  18. Gubbjaevel

    Steering wheel colour stripe

    Gents, Any suggestions on how to get this onto the beautiful Taycan steering wheel? Electrical tape is out, just so that's said :) Edit: Found this thread. Will review and see. Has anyone else done it already, perhaps...