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  1. Mouse House

    Another 12V issue

    Actually I was getting mixed up, it was another similar thread.
  2. Mouse House

    Another 12V issue

    In the manual it has instructions to connect to the battery positive terminal and grounding point. But I like the idea of doing it through the OBDII socket as described earlier in this thread. It's not completely clear to me how much current you can get through the OBDII but the port has to be...
  3. Mouse House

    Pricing vs MSRP in US

    Always a bit grim to see how much cheaper things are in the USA. At current exchange rates my 4S was $177k at list price... though I did manage to get a pretty decent discount. A similar one at that dealership is $126k...
  4. Mouse House

    Mission-E wheels fit Taycan 4S with the standard brakes?

    Even in the UK, winter tyres are a great idea. You could get the car on 19s or 20s and fit winter tyres on those rims, and you will definitely find Mission Es or the Exclusive 21s for less than that from 3rd party companies that you could fit summer tyres to. So for the 5k you can end up with...
  5. Mouse House

    Regenerative Breaking ... A Hypothetical Question

    I'll test this out and post charge data in October. My chalet is at 1700m and the Rhone valley is at about 400m, distance is 27km... so pretty much a 5% gradient all the way, though it's not that even of course. ABRP shows the car using up 14% charge on the way up, and gaining 1% on the way...
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    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    Still looks great! Unfortunately you can only attach the roof rack if you get the glass roof. Just in case you haven't seen it in person be sure to check out pictures of Dolomite Silver (like below), it is quite different from how it looks in the configurator.
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    This is gorgeous, great job. The black gloss on the trim parts is a really great touch. I'd love to do that but wouldn't know where to get it done.. Maybe one of the Swiss people on here could point me in the right direction. I was already thinking about getting some of the Exclusive 21s for...
  8. Mouse House

    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    Well it is up to you, but there are multiple threads on here with people saying they regret not getting it. £168 is of course ridiculous for what you get, and it should be included as standard, but this is a Porsche options list and a drop in the ocean compared to the overall cost...
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    PMCC - Overheated

    I thought they meant the cable was incorrectly labelled, as in they used the wrong one because it said it could take a higher current than the actual hardware is rated for. But no, they're just replacing the label.
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    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    Really nice. I would recommend adding these with this config, all relatively inexpensive: Side Window Trims in Black (high-gloss) (£245.00) Door Sill Guards brushed Aluminium in Black (£0.00) Storage package (£ 168.00) - gives you somewhere to put your phone under the climate control panel...
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    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    Horses for courses innit. As an appliance a Model 3 makes a lot of sense, particularly while Tesla has a lead in charging infrastructure over other manufacturers. I can also see why someone would go for that option and keep a lot of money in their wallet. It certainly isn't, for me at least...
  12. Mouse House

    Long-term storage?

    Thanks - and good thought about the 12V sockets, I had been wondering whether you can use those as well. Looks like you met your goal perfectly. I think I will swap my charger for a less powerful one that will definitely meet the spec - I looked up the OBDII specification and the 12V pin at...
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    Long-term storage?

    Super interesting, thanks. Just wondering, is your reason for restricting the current because of that specific OBD2 cable, or because of something specific to the Taycan? Just looking at other OBD2 charger connectors they are rated quite a bit higher... and I've just bought a 5A charger so it...
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    Opinions on Olea Brown Interior

    From a while ago but this looks awesome and I am now agonising over whether to change my all-black interior. I don't suppose you've had a car with the Black / Meranti Brown colour come through? What's it like?
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    [Poll] iPhone or Android?

    Yeah but it will be [X] iPhone 11 Pro in neodyme | Porsche Exclusive Manufacture | $8,000.00
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    Road Trip to Southampton

    Such a good looking car
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    Another 12V issue

    Thanks for the update. I think I'll get a lithium charger and keep it handy just in case.
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    Panamera v Taycan - the man maths

    Here where everything is expensive insurance is going to be CHF 2100/yr via Porsche or my current insurer. Maybe I need to look around a bit more.
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    Another 12V issue

    Hmm, interesting. Did the Porsche guys say whether you have had the software updates? I will probably get a charger and a jump starter just in case, as they are not that expensive. More research needed but these look pretty good (and crucially can be bought here in Switzerland!)...