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  1. Nickj

    Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    agree on window trims. Alu black door sills don’t seem to get mentioned much but to me look way better in pics and free! Storage pack though? Is putting your phone there worth £168?
  2. Nickj

    Picked Up My Dolomite 4S Yesterday

    Yup, stunning. No front plate helps front profile shot !
  3. Nickj

    Porsche Taycan Turbo S - Special in Racing Yellow

    My my, that looks superb!
  4. Nickj

    NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    I did this but wasn’t sold in crayon. in my head I like crayon but not blown away when seeing it in the flesh. Saw a Panamera, macan and 992. 992 looked good but other 2 were meh..
  5. Nickj

    NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    Very nice. Is Neptune blue a current Porsche colour? How has it got on a car so quickly? I really like it. Very gt3 ish ( guess it could be the same colour)? Need someone to post a crayon or ice grey ASAP!
  6. Nickj

    ‘PORSCHE’ Logo LED Door Courtesy Lights

    Do you have folding mirrors? The fold mirror option talks about puddle lights so I wonder if you don’t get puddle lights if you don’t spec folding mirrors?
  7. Nickj

    Options cut off period.

    Does that mean if ordering in U.K. now it will be an April delivery eg 7 month wait?
  8. Nickj

    Swiss Taycan configurator update shows some new options

    they are there now on the U.K. config.
  9. Nickj

    2021 Taycan New Colors Samples / Swatches

    Yes, amazingly useful post for us pondering this range of shades. Cheeky request....Be great if someone could post the other pics and the OP advise which colours are which as in some pics its difficult to call!
  10. Nickj

    Basic spec 4S - What options are a must have?

    Not an option for me. Only the 4s is on the company car list.
  11. Nickj

    2021 Taycan New Colors Samples / Swatches

    Another request for more pics of ice grey. Is it comparable to any other manufacturers colour that you can think of?
  12. Nickj

    do I really need Sport Chrono?

    Panerai on left ( I have a pam88). What’s the one on the right?
  13. Nickj

    Basic spec 4S - What options are a must have?

    Interesting thread. I was going to post similar. Do you mean a real company car as in provided by your employer or running the car though your business? I’m in the position where I can order what I’d call a true company car. No upfront costs, pay monthly bik ( reduced in this case) then hand...
  14. Nickj

    do I really need Sport Chrono?

    Any descriptions/ views on the sound difference between sports and sports plus chaps?
  15. Nickj

    do I really need Sport Chrono?

    In addition to the above ( I don’t think sports plus is available but I’ll let some more knowledgable answer) I’ve read sports plus gives a louder electric sport sound as referenced in a couple of previous posts. Has anyone first hand experience of the difference in sound Between the 2 modes...
  16. Nickj

    CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    double post.
  17. Nickj

    CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    It’s a company car so not sure. As it’s a CC I have to be very careful about adding options as basically get nothing back and have to pay upfront for all options. Needing to be very stringent on the choices !
  18. Nickj

    CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    distressed wrap would be super cool. Do it! I’m pondering the side skirts? Are they worth the extra £££?
  19. Nickj

    How do you stuff over 1700 ponies in your stable ?

    Cool cars, cool pad, cool garage. Is that a recessed garden display in your garage? More importantly e63 sound or Porsche electric sports sound?
  20. Nickj

    How long before delivery can you amend spec?

    Funnily enough that’s the one option I can get without paying upfront (bigger battery) but it’s £60 extra month, and I don’t think I need it. I never do more than 200 miles in a day for work and think I will just charge each night at home or as required. New colours have come on to zeniths...