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  1. Maintenance Schedule

    For anyone that's already received their Taycan, does anyone know if the Taycan Maintenance Schedule is in the User Manual that comes with the car? Sadly it's not in the "Good to Know" Porsche app, and the full Taycan User Manual isn't available online yet. I'm very curious how often Porsche...
  2. Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    Guys, I'm pretty sure the people working in marketing are not the same people in the factory building cars. They're not pulling folks off the line to make commercials.
  3. 2020 Taycan 4S Revealed by Porsche!

    I agree that it sounds like InnoDrive is kind of a waste, but the base Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) sounds like it would be pretty useful if you regularly drive in traffic. I think everyone agrees that Porsche is for people who love driving, but at the same time, if you live in LA like I do...
  4. 2020 Taycan 4S Revealed by Porsche!

    It's going to be very hard to beat the performance per dollar of the Model 3 Performance. Road and Track measured 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds, 0-100 in 8.6, and quarter mile of 11.8 seconds. This includes a 1 foot roll-out as most magazines include so a 4S should post pretty similar numbers when...
  5. My Spec and a couple of questions

    I really hope the US config site has a Premium package. Having to pay extra for keyless entry and auto dimming mirrors on a $100K+ fully electric car in 2020 is pretty depressing.
  6. 2020 Taycan 4S Revealed by Porsche!

    *Crosses fingers it starts at $100K for 390 kW version* A man can dream can't he?
  7. News on when Taycan 4S will be announced?

    Yikes I’d maybe reconsider the Mission E Design wheels if you’re getting a 4S, those breaks don’t fill out the wheel at all and just look very tiny.
  8. Depreciation

    One thing to consider is that for the US the $7,500 federal tax incentive should be built into any used car prices along with state tax incentives. Because who wants to buy a year old model and lose out on up to $10K in tax incentives, you'd get no buyers I think that's shown by this graph...
  9. Tesla Model S crushes Taycan’s Nürburgring time

    Sounds like Dennis is the same Tesla fanboy spouting inaccuracies on Electrek and Teslarati, I’m guessing he actually quoted himself from those forums. The funniest one is that the Porsche ran a pre-production “prototype” when it was literally a car pulled off the line two weeks prior to...
  10. Porsche confirms cheaper Taycan models coming by year end

    So if 4S is launching before the end of the year, we should probably see it launch at the LA Auto Show. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking since I live in LA!
  11. Difference Turbo vs. Turbo S : Boost function

    I tried to find my source, but since I’ve read maybe 20 different articles since the Taycan launch that’s going to be hard. It may have been a mistake on my part.
  12. Difference Turbo vs. Turbo S : Boost function

    Turbo S is significantly wider (so worse drag coefficient which impacts range). Also bigger tires.
  13. Taycan brochure shows more colors and confirms OTA updates

    I'm reading it as, they're available, but they're not going to force you to update. But who knows for sure.
  14. Taycan brochure shows more colors and confirms OTA updates

    First confirmation I've read that the Taycan will actually have OTA updates. Very interesting indeed. Page 41:
  15. Taycan Q&A

  16. Completely Revealed Taycan

    Car UK Magazine July Issue
  17. Completely Revealed Taycan

    Interesting, no one seems to be talking about the completely revealed Taycan production photos that came out yesterday in Car UK Magazine’s July issue. These don’t appear at all like Photoshops/renders to me, but I could be wrong. But looks very legit to me because it has the trunk, rear...
  18. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    The magazine “preview” also has a profile shot. I dunno if that’s a photoshop that’s a pretty good photoshop. Looks fantastic.
  19. Taycan Q&A

    PAG_J1, Thanks for answering all the questions so far! For us folks looking at the Base or S Taycan, how competitive will the entry models be compared to the equivalent Tesla Model S on price and performance? The whole time Porsche has been quoting "0-60 in less than 3.5 seconds" and "priced...
  20. Close Enough ? Yes or No

    I'm really hoping they do better than that on performance and price. If they really wanted to compete, they should break it down like this, knowing most people would gladly pay $10K (or more like $15-20K after options are factored in) for Porsche quality: Model S Standard Range (4.0 seconds)...