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  1. Taycan information direct from Zuffenhausen plant tour

    Maybe, but 27 kWh of thermal energy as in your example sure is a lot of heat.
  2. Taycan information direct from Zuffenhausen plant tour

    I will never go for wireless charging, complete waste of energy and probably increased battery degradation due to heat.
  3. FROZEN BLUE Taycan Club

    Same here, I dont like baby blue.
  4. Taycan information direct from Zuffenhausen plant tour

    Any news on the 22 kW AC charger that should have been available from the start?
  5. Suspension sure seems high.

    The diameter of the rubber will be the same regardless of the rim size. But the gap will of course look like it's bigger than it actually is with the smaller rims.
  6. Suspension sure seems high.

    Answer: Air suspension that can be set to various heights.
  7. Owner Discusses Taycan Range, Battery Longevity, Charging and Related Concerns

    Problems like mentioned above is the reason a lot of EV owners here in Norway have renamed "range anxiety" with "charging anxiety". The problem is no longer range but the fact that you can absolutely not count on getting a charge when you arrive at the stations.
  8. Attention: Site software upgrade coming

    Thanks Tye! I like the update, you're doing a great job.
  9. 19.2kW (AC) charging option on Taycan?

    I sure hope it will be possible for us early adopters to upgrade existing cars. Otherwise this will be yet another thing we miss out on.
  10. Neodyme og standard (black) interior accents..

    Olea Club Leather Basalt Black and Darksilver accents for me.
  11. Porsche Mobile Charger Connect vs Mobile Charger Plus

    I have Charge Amps Ray. It should work with any EV that have a Type 2 AC port. Unfortunately it only seems to be designed for and sold in Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands. But I'm sure similar lightweight chargers can be found in other countries and regions too...
  12. Porsche Mobile Charger Connect vs Mobile Charger Plus

    I have seen the Mobile Charger Connect and it's a big heavy thing that will take up a lot of space in the trunk if one should choose to bring it on the road for emergency charging. I already have a very small and light ChargeAmps mobile charger for that purpose. I also have a 22 kW charger in...
  13. First Drive in Taycan Turbo. A Member’s Impressions, Photos and Videos

    Thanks for a great review! About automatic steering, if you look at the list of standard equipment you will find that your car will have Lane Keep Assist (LKA) including Traffic Sign Recognition:)
  14. 19.2kW (AC) charging option on Taycan?

    That is correct. However it looks like us in Europe will get 3 years of preferential pricing so we may end up with a fairly good deal anyway:)
  15. New Retractable Glass Spoiler.

    I am fairly experienced since I've had an i3 for 3 years. It recently dawned on me that just about all 50 kW and 150 kW chargers will be impossible to use if you have to park a Taycan front in, which you have to at most stations, at least here in Norway. I know that E-Tron and i-Pace owners also...
  16. 2020 Porsche Taycan: Official Specs, Info, Wallpapers, Videos

    A bootlid spoiler would look silly on a car like the Taycan. But like you say, the rear looks very good. I really hope they won't go ahead and destroy it by introducing some "Sport Turismo" crap like they did to the Panamera.
  17. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Good article, which is more than one can say about the comment section. It seems that every time there is an article about the Taycan one or more numbnuts gets an urge to empty their chamber pots in the comment section :headbang:
  18. Surround View - Is it worth it?

    Surround view is one of the options I’m most looking forward to. If it had been available for my Macan Turbo and 991.2 It could possibly have saved me a lot of tears and sorrow, not to mention money and the hazzle of fixing the wheel scratches;) The width of the Taycan means I will have to...
  19. Taycans spotted in the wild

    Ohhh, that Turbo is amazing. Have one on order, Januar/February build, March delivery.