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  1. Kevin2dx

    “Electric” badge

    Interesting location where you put the electric badge. It’s usually put to the right of the black touch sensor on the door. Looks cool though! Props on the carbon fiber mirrors as well :like:
  2. Kevin2dx

    What tires are on your Taycan?

    Confirming also that my Turbo S has the Mission-E wheels with Good Year Eagle F1 tires
  3. Kevin2dx

    Does anyone else with full PPF have a seam like this?

    Interesting that the timing of this thread is happening right when my car is at the PPF shop as we speak! I’ll be sure to check on these areas also. I have a Carrara White paint as well using Xpel Ultimate
  4. Kevin2dx

    Nicer than I ever dreamed...

    Wow nice! Don't usually see that interior on cars on the lot :cool:
  5. Kevin2dx

    Porsche Connect Manual [PDF] For Taycan

    Nice find! Where were you able to get it?
  6. Kevin2dx

    Taycan Wheel Spacers - 15mm front / 10mm rear

    Bumping this up to see if anyone has done this to their car yet and which brand? I'm interested myself
  7. Kevin2dx

    Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    Interesting article " A test site in San Francisco will be constructed with the aim to open in early 2020." I guess COVID pushed the schedule out a bit . I would definitely want to be one of the first ones to try it out though
  8. Kevin2dx

    Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    I'd like to see one of those babies in action sometime :rock:
  9. Kevin2dx

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Thanks for the feedback! Would you be able to help me find the part number if possible? I appreciate it
  10. Kevin2dx

    Exlusive Matrix LED headlights in black with Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus

    Hmm.....I wonder how the black matrix affects the actual light output
  11. Kevin2dx

    Lucid Air launch today.

    The Lucid Air Dreams' range and 1/4 mile numbers are out of this world! The outer aesthetics of the car however are not my taste at all. Also not too excited about color choices/combinations. However the interior is amazing and electronics are very refined (watching a YouTube review right now)...
  12. Kevin2dx

    PCM Display Failure (Both Displays)

    Since Porsche mentioned it might be some loose connector, do you recall any event between when it was working and when it stopped working that would’ve caused this to happen? (E.g Hitting a speed bump, etc.)
  13. Kevin2dx

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Hi Luke, Is it possible for the dealerships to replace the steering wheel? My build came with the standard wheel, but now I want to change it to the version with the carbon fiber trim.I’m willing to pay, but just want to know if it’s possible or not . Thanks!
  14. Kevin2dx

    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Beautiful red mission-E wheels on the carmine red. Please post more solo pictures :clap: EDIT: Never mind, saw the pics looking a couple of pages back :like:
  15. Kevin2dx

    Storage package!!

    Is this standard on Turbo S? I never saw this actual option available I think . Hope I didn't miss it or something
  16. Kevin2dx

    Clear Side Markers

    Installing ASAP when my car comes in :rock:
  17. Kevin2dx

    Porsche Experience Center (PEC) LA Taycan Delivery Experience

    Out of curiosity, what were the experience changes that made you get cold feet?