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  1. 2021 Heat Pump Option for Taycan?

    also standard in the UK apparently.
  2. Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    I'm not sure what unpainted mirror bases will look like with Dolomite Silver. On Gentian Blue they looks fine but on White they look like cheap nasty black plastic (IMO). Ideally you'd want to see how they look in real life if possible.
  3. New order build turbo

    @Pivotaltrader Nice spec! I think on a white car the "Exterior Mirror Lower Trim in Exterior Color and Base in High Gloss Black" looks great, especially since you're already paying to have the rear badge in High Gloss Black. But looks good either way!
  4. Choosing chargers

    Onboard DC charger 150KW is to allow you to use 400V chargers at 150KW. The concensus seems to be (from anyone but the dealer) that any charger over 50KW will be 800V anyway, so it's probably...
  5. Home Charging UK

    Be aware there are two types of Commando connectors - 16A and the bigger 32A. Make sure your electrician knows that!
  6. Porsche x BOSS

    If that kid had paid for that car, he wouldn't be leaning on it like that ;)
  7. Service campaign / software update notice

    Yes or no, depending on whether car is on or off:
  8. Power Steering Plus

    I think Power Steering Plus is a Feature-on-Demand option so you could spec without and then have a 3-month trial once you have the car.
  9. Exlusive Matrix LED headlights in black with Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus

    I think I'll take the Blue pill. Ignorance is bliss. And £1500 in my pocket.
  10. Delivery tik tok

    Nope, biggest thread let-down ever. ;)
  11. Help with colour choice?

    Please post pictures as the rate things are going my spec won't be locked by then.
  12. Help with colour choice?

    The only thing I would say is that I'd take the colour representations on the Porsche Configurator with a large pinch of salt.. I was really lucky when I went to my local dealer for a test drive that they must have had 20-30 Taycans all turn up at the same time on a delivery so managed to see a...
  13. Basic spec 4S - What options are a must have?

    Wow, this thread just goes to show that Porsche's expansive options list is probably not as crazy as it appears - looks like people have radically different ideas of "must-have" options! For me, it's the only the standard 4S 19" aero wheels I couldn't live with - oh, and maybe un-painted mirrors...
  14. Road Trip to Southampton

    I'm not sure anyone else does either, including the dealers! And you've used this yourself and can confirm it's free?
  15. Exlusive Matrix LED headlights in black with Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus

    Or maybe they're Black Light LEDs so everything at night looks like a 90s Dance Club? Cool!
  16. Swiss Taycan configurator update shows some new options

    Interesting, doesn't appear on the UK Turbo options. Also spotted this on the 4S
  17. Tyre compressor and sealant?

    Unless you ordered the tyre compressor and sealant option then it's call the breakdown service. Nothing comes as standard as far as I can tell.
  18. Storage Package Retrofit

    See the other active thread on this:
  19. Public Charging Cable & Essential Purchases For New Taycan?

    The fingerprints are already annoying me in the photos I've seen and I don't even have the car yet ;) I'll keep my eye out for some protective film, something like this:
  20. CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    I thought so. Only reason I ask is that on the 4S the whole lower half of the mirror is black plastic and it looks really cheap so the gloss black paint is almost a must-have on some colours (e.g. white). On the Turbo just a small part is black plastic so I wondered how noticable it was...