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  1. Dee

    Gearbox: totally unnecessary.

    So the Taycan has a 2-speed gearbox. As we all know, a gearbox is to overcome the shortcomings of an engine/motor. So why did Porsche make a gearbox as electric motors really don't need a gearbox after all due to their power and torquecurve. I guess it was to defeat Tesla but in the end it isn't...
  2. Dee

    12V issue picked up by journalists

    I came across this article. I remembered this was posted on this forum but I can't seem to find the thread. Maybe some of you know? Anyway, this is a perfect example how things can go wrong on the...
  3. Dee

    Just curious: does the wing come out on the CT?

    I was wondering if the wing comes out on the Cross Turismo or rather: does it even has the wing?
  4. Dee

    Had another 11 updates OTA today.

    AMB5 done 7 weeks ago and (still) no problems whatsoever. Today I recieved another 11 updates OTA (infotainment, agenda, streaming, etc). Glad to see Porsche is still improving their software. OTA update is working properly, apparently. ?
  5. Dee

    For Sale: carbon Turbo S rear bumper/spoiler

    To upgrade your Taycan Turbo to S-spec! Has repairs done but only on underside and hardly noticable. Thinking about €850 (new price: €2700). Price is including shipping in EU. Will ship worldwide. Upper side: Underside:
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  7. Dee

    Home-made diffuser finished!

    After several protypes (cardboard shapes), different mountings, trying different materials (acrylic -> abs plastic) and different colors (dark grey->black) I'm proud to say Project Diffuser is finished to my satisfaction. Enjoy:
  8. Dee

    Can we get more active threads on mainpage?

    Now that the forum is growing and more threads are active I would like to see more "latest posts" on the mainpage, like 15 or so. Sometimes when I respond to a "less popular" thread it totally disappear into the forum and I have to look at my content where the topic went.
  9. Dee

    What's up with Range mode after WMA 5/6?

    Today I tested the Range mode after some messages that it has changed behavior. I don't use Range mode myself so I became curious. Before the update it switched off the rear motor and gearbox, more like a fwd car cuz of the more efficient front motor. Now, after the update I can see it uses the...
  10. Dee

    Looking for Taycan manual

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the "exploded view" or page of the workshop manual to install the rear light bar (with the Porsche letters). Anyone have some contacts? Many thx in advance!
  11. Dee

    New Tequipment for Taycan: rear light bar with glacier ice blue letters.

    Talked to my dealer monday and there will be new Tequipment ready by (presumably) week 20. It's the rear light bar with the blue letters. Part number is 9J104490007 and price will be around €850. That's great news cuz I was waiting for that! This option wasn't available at launch so looking...
  12. Dee

    Android Auto for Porsche Taycan?

    I read something about Android for Porsche. Anyone can confirm?
  13. Dee

    WMA5/6/7 Improvements.

    It's clear there are many modules updated but that's not quite noticable. I want to group the differences you have noticed in here. Things I've found so far: 1. Improved keyless entry (comfort access). Door handles pop up properly. Locking the car by touching the handle is much better too. 2...
  14. Dee

    Can't extend Car Security package.

    Edit: sorted. Thx Porsche Mobility Service.
  15. Dee

    Porsche Connect app: Porsche server down?

    After trying several days to change and sending timers to the car I gave up. After the second replacement of my OTA-module in the beginning of January it has worked fine till last week. Since yesterday even the connection to the server seems to be lost also. Status of the car hasn't been changed...
  16. Dee

    Hacker wanted to enable the Passenger screen

    Hi all, Is there a way to enable the Passenger display (when driving) when you're in the car by yourself? I'm in no way familiar with hacking software in cars so here's my request. I think it's stupid when you pay for a display that doesn't even work, no matter what Porsche's excuse is. I want...
  17. Dee

    Connect app stopped working

    Hi guys, my Porsche Connect app stopped working since the 4th of December. Car status and location is "frozen", timers can't be updated, changed or send. Battery level is still same since the 4th of December, which isn't. I already contacted the developer of the app (Porsche mobility), so far no...