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  1. ron_b

    Missing the “G” icon in Nav Search

    Yes I am so jazzed to see the “G” has returned, just before a large road trip. Also I looked and the send destination from My Porsche is now available. Looks like Porsche really is into making software changes, perhaps not at the rate the customers would like but it seems to be in the right...
  2. ron_b

    Google Icon on Nav - says I need to setup in Porsche Connect?

    You go to and create an account (if you don't already have one). Then within the PCM you go to home screen and click on "Guest" in upper right and select Manage Accounts Add an account for yourself. Providing the email address used for My Porsche account and password.
  3. ron_b

    Missing the “G” icon in Nav Search

    I received a callback from PCNA, they confirmed with me that the contract to provide the Google search has ended and is being removed. This was the worst outcome from of my fears, though I do appreciate getting an answer. They have escalated my second issue of the missing ability to send a...
  4. ron_b

    Missing the “G” icon in Nav Search

    I did talk with Porsche Cars North America and they had be remove my account and re-add it but no change. I also talked to two other Taycan 2020 owners in my area and confirmed the same issue with them. I called my local dealership and a salesman was kind enough to check a 2021 and the G icon...
  5. ron_b

    Missing the “G” icon in Nav Search

    Thanks for the update Marty, I was noticing that the send to function wasn’t where I expected it a few days ago and no I agree with you it is completely missing. I will add that to my ticket.
  6. ron_b

    Missing the “G” icon in Nav Search

    I have had my 2020 Taycan since November 2020 and have appreciated the “G” icon in the search bar next to the text entry area. For those that don’t know pressing on this icon will perform a Google search for the destination you type in which is much more gracious and thorough than the search...
  7. ron_b

    EA charging

    I would add just a few more things to watch for to get the optimal speed: Be sure to add battery temperature to your third console display tube and verify it is between 90 and 96°F on arrival. In order to get this you cannot choose a station that is too close to when you start routing as the...
  8. ron_b

    EA charging

    That is a rather dated charging curve. Porsche has updated the Charging profile to maintain 250+ kilowatts up to at least 43% and Kyle Connor has reported it to go up to 50% at times. I have seen it at over 40% myself.
  9. ron_b

    Extended Warranty - worth it?

    I had gotten a 10yr 100k warranty from Fidelity thru my dealership for about $4300 on my 2020 Taycan 4S. I tend to hang onto cars and I know Porsche parts and service are not cheap.
  10. ron_b

    Anybody ever checked charging efficiency?

    281Wh/km or 452Wh/mi is insanely high. You would have to be going 100mph or 160km/hr to get that efficiency or be at temperature below 0C in my opinion. I reliably average 330Wh/mi or 209Wh/km and thus see ranges of 250-260mi / 400-420km. I have 20” wheels Taycan 4S+ temps avg 60F or 15.5C in...
  11. ron_b

    Plug and Charge just worked for me

    I have heard on pretty solid authority that Plug&Charge is not available on the 2020 Taycans. it requires a hardware update that Porsche is not as of yet offering as a retrofit. I am somewhat bummed, thinking they would have had that thought out in 2020. :(
  12. ron_b

    Discover the Unknown – an electric road trip through Estonia - Porsche

    Adding the Discovery of Latvia. Discover the Unknown: Porsche road trip through Latvia - Porsche
  13. ron_b

    Discover the Unknown – an electric road trip through Estonia - Porsche

    I think this is a very well done video on Estonia and shows off the Taycab very well also. Discover the Unknown – an electric road trip through Estonia Porsche
  14. ron_b

    Taycan Cross Country Trip Sets Record With Under 2.5 Hours Total Charging Time

    At 95% of speed limit and shortest legs I get 4.6hr. This was based on my average efficiency with 4S on 20” all season tires.
  15. ron_b

    Upgraded from 2020 Taycan 4S to 2022 Taycan 4S

    Per the 150kW dc-dc converter upgrade option. I also did not speck this on my 2020 4S and I still have no regrets after 22k miles and 14 months. The reason is I use EA 99% on road trips and looking even across the USA there are only a handful of stations above 100kW that are not 800v capable...
  16. ron_b

    Journey to Pikes Peak: Guinness World Record set in Taycan Cross Turismo - Porsche

    Correct you are Perry, I updated my comment to be a unusual record.
  17. ron_b

    Journey to Pikes Peak: Guinness World Record set in Taycan Cross Turismo - Porsche

    Another amazing record journey (was challenge) from a team and Porsche. 5 States & 3 miles up. Unique facts is running this on the 100 year anniversary of Pikes Peak Hill Climb events and starting from lowest place, a private mine in Michigan. Journey to Pikes Peak: Guinness World Record set in...
  18. ron_b

    How to get Wireless CarPlay working?

    I wanted to report that I had wireless CarPlay working on my 2020 after the software update then some months later it stopped working seemingly mysteriously. I had gone into delete the phone entry from the Taycan and remove the Bluetooth setting for the car on my iPhone and go through set up...
  19. ron_b

    More Carbon UPGRADES for My Porsche Taycan Turbo S! | SHMUSEUM VLOG 2

    I know there are many folks that have mixed feelings about Tim @SHMEE500 but he has a recent video that talks a fair amount on some Carbon Accents for his Taycan Turbo S by Zyrus, a Norwegian company. You can skip to 1:00 to get right into it. More Carbon UPGRADES for My Porsche Taycan Turbo S...
  20. ron_b

    Instrument cluster faulty

    You must shut and lock the car for about 20min for it to go into deep sleep. Then check it. Else it's service appointment time.