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  1. EV Tires Education - Performance vs. Efficiency (by Motortrend)

    I sometimes wonder if there really is a difference with the N spec tires aside from the foam padding to minimize road noise.
  2. Custom Cross Turismo Rear Bike Rack Group Buy

    Challenge accepted
  3. Taycan CT4 w/ 2021 vs 2022 Thule Wingbar Edge , Thule Vector M roofbox

    @TDinDC These metal bars look relatively similar to the bars on my Panny ST, except the bars clamp directly to the frame versus raised rails (Porsche tequipment version aka Thule). When investigating the tolerances for Porsche and Thule roof equipment I read that Thule tests everything for...
  4. Custom Cross Turismo Rear Bike Rack Group Buy

    Added my name to the second order and looking forward to using this bike rack! Thanks to Will and all the first order customer reviews. Has anyone tried this rack on the bars? I already have one so would love to repurpose, if possible, instead of buying two new 1Up racks. Also known as Thule...
  5. Massive new delay

    The MY will be based on when it starts production. Mine started mid-July (I forget exact date now). August break started one week later and car sat for months before finishing production in November!
  6. Massive new delay

    This happened to a fair share of 2021s too (I took delivery Dec 23rd in Texas). Not excusing it, but also not surprising. When is your car entering production? That will determine if MY22 or MY23
  7. 1500 Mile Road Trip - Central Florida to Knoxville TN and back

    Thank you for the thorough update. It sounds like you were able to push 240 miles and still have some change left - any idea what your efficiency worked out to for w/mi or kWh/100mi?
  8. Taycan 4S Road Trip Experiences w/ Performance Battery

    Thanks for the post and guidance. About to embark on first road trip in Taycan to Sportscar Together Fest in Indy and it’s helpful to hear how y’all are approaching the charging strategy. Re: the Hyundai on the 350 kw charger, the Ioniq 5/6 and Kia EV6 also have ability to take advantage of...
  9. Taycan v Hyundai Ioniq 6

    I agree the recent offerings from both brands are phenomenal and when the price is factored in, serious competitors to other import brands. My BiL just switched his Toyota loyalty to pick up an Ioniq 5 a few weeks back (I test drove all the EV competition in that class with him) and I’m...
  10. Car Seat Recommendations?
  11. hmmm - is the fire extinguisher even useful for an EV

    Add to the benefits list that the extinguisher has good blunt force smashing abilities too. And it’s within easy access to the driver vs one strapped down in the trunk.
  12. 12V battery is still an issue?!!

    Sounds very clear cut. What a PITA, sorry you had to deal with that.
  13. 12V battery is still an issue?!!

    What was the issue that stranded you? From what I’ve been told, jumping the 12V also fully resets the car, beyond simply turning the car off, waiting and turning on again. You probably reset any fault and it hasn’t resurfaced since.
  14. Poor Quality per JD Powers

    Does JD Power normalize the responses in any way or do they just aggregate every survey received? I have to imagine there will be skews based on ages of people reporting, HHI, previous vehicles owned/loyalty to a brand, frequency of purchasing vehicles, etc. I can’t recall completing a JD Power...
  15. Heckled at the EA Charger in Amarillo TX

    I completely agree with you when the intent is genuine interest vs relaying their own judgement in the form of questions, seeking validation of their preformed opinion. Living in Texas, these opinions/questions arise at kids’ school events, the barber chair, family dinners, and at the office...
  16. Heckled at the EA Charger in Amarillo TX

    It’s all FUD. These are not questions from someone who is evaluating an EV, hence #8. They’re sound byte retorts to the excitement and gas savings I’m experiencing as a relatively new EV owner. My BiL recently decided to replace his totaled 4Runner with an EV and is going through the same...
  17. Heckled at the EA Charger in Amarillo TX

    You’re not the only one, especially here in Texas. What I’ve heard from people who clearly consume different media and information than me: 1. The grid can’t handle so many electric cars. Especially here in Texas where we already have grid issues. 2. Your neighbors can’t get electric cars or...
  18. Someone Educate Mustang Block E Drivers!

    Spot on. To expand on the analogy, it took years for diesel pumps to standardize as well. As recently as 2021, I encountered some of the wider nozzle old version pumps which require an adapter, as well as a couple that did not auto shut off when the tank was filled. Fun times. It never happened...
  19. Back seats 2+1

    100% Case-in-point, yesterday my 7yo took the middle seat so grandpa could ride with us instead of caravan ~35mi north for an appointment. She initially complained about the middle seat but she fit well between my wife and our 3yo’s rather large car seat. No complaints after she was belted in...
  20. Taycan CT vs Hummer EV

    @Jhenson29 ’d like to see your Silverado vs the new Hummer EV. Bet the hummer is taller with a similar length. From what I’m reading, the yet-to-be-released Hummer EV SUV will be shorter than the truck, identical in length to the Taycan, but similar height to the truck and more interior cargo...