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  1. mangobay

    NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    Ok I’ve been trying to avoid another “check my spec” thread but the Porsche code is PPHSC610. Cheers.
  2. mangobay

    NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    I have one on order and hopefully coming late sept/early Oct. 🤞
  3. mangobay

    Porsche Taycan is going - car items for sale

    Sorry to her that. I may be interested in the roof bars. I'll pop you a message.
  4. mangobay

    UK service & costs

    I’m just resurrecting this old post from Graham which is amazingly helpful. I am currently in discussion with my local Centre about first service. They have advised me that if I skip the water ingress drain checks there is likely to be an issue with claiming on my warranty for anything related...
  5. mangobay

    A Blissful First 10 Days Living With My GTS - Photos, Thoughts, and More

    Great write up and lovely car. Sorry if you already know this but if you get really annoyed with having to turn the sport sound on you can always configure it as one of the diamond buttons and then it’s a quick flick on when you want it. That way you can control both regen and sound with two...
  6. mangobay

    UK order status and delays?

    The bit I perhaps wasn't clear about was that neither party I spoke to wanted to bid for the car. And it has a very salable spec (I think!). I hope you are all right, but I think everyone should have their eyes open currently, thats the message.
  7. mangobay

    UK order status and delays?

    Just to add some colour to this.... As i am hopefully approaching Autumn delivery of my next Taycan I have started making a few enquiries with dealers to sell my current 4S. Interestingly a couple of them I have spoken to so far say they are sitting on more stock than they are comfortable with...
  8. mangobay

    Software controlling options (BMW) -- heated seat subscription in UK & Korea

    I guess this confirms what we have always known, that manufacturers fit functionality that hasn’t even been optioned by owner number one. Still a bit shocking to read and shows how little it just actually cost to add certain functions at build and how much margin must be in them when ticked...
  9. mangobay

    Vehicle order tracking

    This may be the first post verging on concern that the car may be arriving too soon! 😂
  10. mangobay

    GTS Orders UK

    Thanks - it was Bristol
  11. mangobay

    GTS Orders UK

    I received the call I was hoping for this morning. Finally news on my allocation for an ST GTS. Build slot in August for a late Sept/Oct delivery with any luck. I was apparently no 1 on their list after the lie own demonstrator. Deposit taken on launch day.
  12. mangobay

    GTS Orders UK

    Congrats. Great to see it has started. To whet your appetite, this is Cardiff’s showroom car on display at a PCGB event this evening. Ignore the colour. The wheels and shape are glorious.
  13. mangobay

    GTS Orders UK

    Can I ask please how you got the build loaded into the app in the first place? Did that happen once you got your allocation automatically? Thanks and congrats!
  14. mangobay

    GTS Orders UK

    In my case (GTS ST) it means no further info at all and no sniff of an allocation or lock date yet!
  15. mangobay

    GTS Orders UK

    Nice one. Is that a saloon or ST please? Thanks
  16. mangobay

    Uk service quote

    Very helpful Nick thanks
  17. mangobay

    Charging Port Impaired - "Left (or right) charging port impaired" error message

    I got in my car yesterday to drive it to the dealer, and all errors and problems had stopped! Working a treat again now. I’ve got an appointment for a months time for recalls anyway so going to hope it was just a glitch and monitor it.
  18. mangobay

    Charging Port Impaired - "Left (or right) charging port impaired" error message

    I’ve just had a total failure of both charge port doors out of the blue today. Tried various resets. Porsche assistance came out and can’t fix it so it needs to go to the dealer. Sheesh.
  19. mangobay

    UK 2022 Recalls - How Many Are you Aware of?

    I also had this same situation. I had the WNA5 update need flagged by the web application (MyPorsche) but not on the app. I contacted dealer to book it in, and he has booked me in for this, plus a TMPS (tyre pressure sensor) recall, and a second "pressure sensor" issue that he didnt know much...
  20. mangobay

    Help me decide!

    Hi there. I’m a fair bit older than you and have been thro a far few cars in my 20s - 40s and I would definately say a 380bhp car that handles well is leagues above a 500bhp car that accelerates quicker but handles like poo. So if you can’t stretch to the Taycan and the only reason to consider...