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  1. Car asking for more air in tires??

    I just went through this. The door plate shows full load pressure. The manual stated to go by what the car asks for.
  2. Rear seat space.......

  3. Kind of feeling screwed over. Placed over in Dec 2021 and still no allocation

    When the GTS was announced, I shopped around (SoCal) to see if I can order one. Many SAs had no idea there was a Taycan GTS as it was just announced, so we were just running around in circles. On the ones that know about the GTS, even out of state, wanted ADM on it. I finally found a SA in a...
  4. How to Buy & Install a Dash Cam for $150

    What voltage do you set it as before shutoff? Mine says 12.0V and I am not sure if it should be higher or lower for our Taycans.
  5. How to Buy & Install a Dash Cam for $150

    If you were willing to spend over 2k on the Porsche dashcam in the first place, why not get the blackvue dual cam installed?
  6. Tire Pressure Question

    My GTS with 21” RS Spyder wheels show 41 front and 45 rear. The car currently shows I am -3psi on each which is around 36psi now. I pumped 3psi to each and all 4 wheels show 41 now according to PCM, with 0psi difference from target. Is that right? Isn’t the rear supposed to be 45 according to...
  7. PEC LA - Taycan Turbo S v 911 Turbo S experience

    Well, I’d think the factory makes cars, it doesn’t fix cars. The factory workers are not mechanics, nor trained to be mechanics.
  8. Latest Taycan Software Update Findings and Reviews Thread

    My MY22 came with latest PCM still has issue with streaming music on vehicle startup, but I use Apple Music. Frustrating.
  9. Homelink Profile - I don’t get it…

    Not all myq openers have homekit integration. However if your myq opener does not have homekit built in you can get a Myq Home Bridge (about $100) to add that functionality.
  10. Installed puddle lights “Taycan”

    Did you have to adjust the ones for the rear doors? I installed mine but the rear ones didn’t project correctly, as the door panel is actually blocking some of the lights. The seller had me adjust the little disc inside the projector which seems to help.
  11. Latest Taycan Software Update Findings and Reviews Thread

    Yes I was able to log in yesterday. Granted mine is a MY22 built with the latest PCM.
  12. Latest Taycan Software Update Findings and Reviews Thread

    Do you have geofence enabled? And are you at your garage door location? Mine only shows up when I am home with geofence.
  13. OK - let's see them! Key Fob

    Thank you. I have looked at Aliexpress for almost an hour and didn’t see this. The lack of color name on the listing surely doesn’t help!
  14. OK - let's see them! Key Fob

    Have you guys seen anything for Chalk?
  15. ANA6 recall uPdate Update

    I did not know we have a key FOB holder on the car. Is it mentioned in the manual?
  16. Had my first EV experience….(Tesla)

    The fact that someone bashing a different manufacturer (Tesla) on a Porsche Taycan forum, but received no support from other members, says a lot about Tesla.
  17. Tesla spotted at "Porsche" Charging Station

    It’s not unusual to see Teslas charging at EVgo when there’s a Supercharger inside the same parking structure at my local mall. Maybe it’s cheaper for them or whatever reason.
  18. Had my first EV experience….(Tesla)

    Wait until you need to use homelink to open the garage door on the Taycan vs the Tesla, or using the rear camera on the Taycan. The navigation on Tesla is so easy to use and you can type when driving. On the Taycan? Good luck with that. Come back here when you get your GTS and update your view...