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  1. tomdfw1

    Damaged rear seat...Not the dog's fault

    I took my female border collie on a quick food run tonight for the first time. She is normally very well trained and indoor dog and never done this before. Apparently she peed just a little in my car while driving and it was like sulphuric acid on the seats. Anybody have an idea what a new...
  2. tomdfw1

    Taycan recall for black screen and pcm software update

    Finally !!! More Than 12,000 Porsche Taycans Have Screens That Could Go Black
  3. tomdfw1

    Blacked out screens, except behind steering wheel

    I have had intermittent issues with all screens going black, except the primary screen behind the steering wheel. This includes the Passenger, Main (upper) and AC (Lower) screens. The problem occurs when I first try to enter the car; these screens are black and will continue until remedied...
  4. tomdfw1

    EV tires versus non EV...what's the difference? Interesting read.... With the popularity of electric vehicles on a steady rise, tire makers, including Hankook Tire, are developing tires that are specifically engineered to enhance the performance of electric...
  5. tomdfw1

    Could not remove charger handle at remote station: GOOD TIP

    I was driving to Houston from Dallas with my wife and stopped off at an EA for a fill up. For some reason it did not recognize my car when I plugged in but attribute this to Porsche dealer totally resetting my PCM because all secondary screens would randomly go out. (After sitting overnight...
  6. tomdfw1

    Kudos to Suncoast Parts

    I ordered the clear side lights for my white '22 Taycan from Suncoast Parts: Very good product and very easy to install. However, about a month after install my dealer pointed out one looked damaged. After further inspection it indeed...
  7. tomdfw1

    Mobile Connect Charger: Software Update

    I came to my car this morning and noticed the MobileConnect Charger screen said that the software was updated. Is this software updated to the charger or to the car or both? How can I research what it does or how it affects me? My Internet radio still takes forever (1-5 minutes) to load! :(
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  9. tomdfw1

    Help! Disable car at airport alarm while out of town

    I dropped my car off at the airport and am out of country. When I landed I see my alarm keeps going off. I forgot to disable the internal alarm and it falsely keeps going off every few minutes. I can’t stop it!!! Is there a way to remotely disable the inside sensor so it won’t keep going...
  10. tomdfw1

    Only Driver Side Front Lights Flash on Alarm Arm/Disarm

    When I lock or unlock my doors with key, I noticed only my driver's side front lights blink when armed/unarmed. The passenger side front lights do nothing. Both rears works. I validated that both blinkers work on turn signal but ONLY driver side fronts blink when alarm is armed/disarmed...
  11. tomdfw1

    CoinOps in Taycan

    I copied a bunch of iTunes songs to my 128Gb thumb drive. I bought a usb c to usb b adapter and in center console plugged in my thumb drive which also has my CoinOps video game download (all the games of 80s/90s that installs on arcade style platform I have in Gameroom.) Well when I turned on...
  12. tomdfw1

    Electrify America 101 and Range Lessons learned on first road trip

    I made my first road trip from Plano to Conroe, Texas.; 224 miles away. I have a base Taycan 79kwh battery, which claims 210 miles but was told Porsche under promises and over delivers so I wanted to see if I can make it to Conroe with no stops! My white Taycan is optioned very well...
  13. tomdfw1

    Mobile Charger Settings on 120V

    The mobile charger is semi-smart. When it is attached to a 50A circuit with the "dryer" plug/220V the charger automatically sets itself to charge at 40A. Question 1: Why doesn't it default or all me to bump to 50A? I think it is so that it won't blow the 50A fuse and leaves 10A buffer. As...
  14. tomdfw1

    Free Fast charging at Dealerships?

    I went to charge my '22 Taycan at the dealership for first time at a high speed charger. The charger required me to authenticate first and I never got a card or anything to authenticate. I called my sales rep and he said I needed a card from a Porsche employee to authenticate me to the charger...
  15. tomdfw1

    Multiple Bluetooth Phones

    My wife and I each paired our iPhones to the car's bluetooth...but what is SUPPOSED to happen when we are both in the car with our phones? Is there a way to have a primary or secondary? I have seen a few behaviors such as: 1) Both connected but only one works. 2) One can't connect at all. 3)...