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  1. SThurlow

    Acceleration times WITHOUT Launch Control?

    i did a PEC session with a Turbo S. It was absolutely amazing. There is only one thing that I would change ... I would skip the lunch before the session ...
  2. SThurlow

    Volcanic grey or mamba green!!! ??

    COLOUR!!! Mamba Green all the way to make the grey go away!
  3. SThurlow

    Taycan Options Advice

    Make sure you check in the wait time for 4S vs GTS. When I placed my order, the queue for the 4S was much shorter, which made my decision for me…
  4. SThurlow

    New functionality wish list?

    W Waiting for delivery of my 4S so I could be wrong about this one - ability to set radius for automatically raising the car. The Peach Arch border crossing between Canada and the US has LOTS of speedbumps ... so it would be great to set a really wide radius to catch them all ... (does this...
  5. SThurlow

    Taycan - Worth the Wait?

    Don't forget to get the vanity plate!
  6. SThurlow

    The Iconic 911 vs The (future-iconic) Taycan

    I'm with you here. My Taycan (on order) is replacing my Audi R8. One of the "niceties" of the R8 was that sooo many other drivers felt compelled to prove that they could keep up with it ... It got tiring. I guess I need to brace myself for this to continue when the Taycan arrives ... Reminds me...