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  1. Good Bye $7,500 tax credit!

    Article is behind a paywall.
  2. First somewhat trip did not go so well...

    Something doesn't seem right, how fast where you going? For the 3 years charging, did you do the order in the porsche connect store? Did you try to use the app to authorize the charging? Do you have plug and charge enabled in the PCM?
  3. Auto-Blip!

    Have another shot and move on, you didn't see anything. ;)
  4. Good Bye $7,500 tax credit!

    It will most likely go into effect in the new tax year 1/1/23
  5. Good Bye $7,500 tax credit!

    Senate has been insertion since noon on Sat 8/6. They worked over night. Vote is happening right now for the amendments to the bill. They call it vote-a-rama. When all that is done, then the final vote for the bill will happen. Most likely later this afternoon or tonight...
  6. Dealer relationship and future servicing

    Salesman has nothing to do with service. Buy the car where you want and take it to service for warranty or maintenance they will welcome you. The bulk of the money a dealer makes is via the service department. I've had cars that I bought out state because my local dealer could not get me an...
  7. Kind of feeling screwed over. Placed over in Dec 2021 and still no allocation

    Wife placed her order for a CT4 beginning of Oct21. We knew our dealer had an allocation and it was her's for the asking. Car arrived at the dealer on 12/3/21. Whenever ordering a new Porsche you should always confirm you have an allocation, if not move a long to another dealer. Porsche...
  8. Is Porsche is looking to release a Taycan 4 (Non-CT)?

    I don't see it with the current pricing of the RWD and CT4. Maybe a 4 would be the same price as a CT4 or ~$1k difference. With AWD you would want the PB+, and most likely the reason Porsche included it with the CT4 as standard. Right now the CT4 is the best bang for the buck.
  9. PEC LA - Taycan Turbo S v 911 Turbo S experience

    PEC in Atlanta also does restorations and repairs. When I was there a few years ago collecting my GT3, they were restoring a 964 turbo and a 356.
  10. Need a photo of the "electric" emblem to make 3D Print model

    Hmm… Suncoast sells it.
  11. Need a photo of the "electric" emblem to make 3D Print model

    Why would anyone put that on their car is beyond me.
  12. Anyone with a long port delay noticed any damage to car?

    tires are over inflated, you won't have issues with flat spots.
  13. Front license plate mount - what do you use?

    Another Sto-n-Sho here, works great, easy to pop off when needed.
  14. Rotor Marks- Normal?

    Those look like the PSCB (Porsche surface coated brakes), which would be normal for those brakes. On a Macan or Cayenne they become mirror finished in 4-5k miles, I suspect it will take a lot longer on a Taycan with it's light use of the brakes.
  15. TYD and current phase disappeared

    This is normal for TYD, seems Porsche does maintenance and takes the database/system down quite often.
  16. Remote ParkAssist - minimal width for perpendicular parking?

    The manual 2.6m is before the update. Porsche hasn’t specified what the new value is yet, manual should be updated at some point.
  17. 271 miles! 100% charged. What’s your range shown?

    Had a long road trip this morning with my wife's 22 CT4, charged to 100%.
  18. Homelink Profile - I don’t get it…

    I programmed the dash diamond button to activate homelink, works great. Just a tap of the button opens/closes the gararge door.
  19. ANA 6 recall : dealers not able to apply?

    It's my understanding that this update also requires the PIWIS to be updated, with the update that was released just for this recall. Hopefully they are fixing the flashing software/communications with the car.
  20. FOD now available for 2022 Taycans

    Thanks, so there's something up with our 22 CT4. Not surprising. We had all kinds of issues in the beginning with the cars registration to the cloud. Porsche had to reset things on the back end for things to finally work. I can call Monday and see what PCNA can do.